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Your Dream Swimming Pool

Choose a pool that fits your needs

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14 November 2016

How to Create Your Dream Swimming Pool

Swimming pools offer one of the best escapes to the mind and body. Especially in a place like the Middle East where the scorching heat limits outdoor activities, swimming is the best way to burn calories and stay fit.

If you are thinking about having a pool in your backyard here are some ideas to get started and plan the pool that fits your needs:

Customised Pool

The classic rectangular pool is still the most popular choice but the customised family pools are also increasing in popularity. You can opt for different shapes and features such as shallow ledges, lap swimming areas, slides, cascading steps, spill over spas and wet edges among others. Retractable pool covers and robotic cleaning systems are not only a great way to keep your pool clear of dirt and germs, but also to keep it looking great all year round with minimal effort.

Swimming Pool Ideas

Plunge Pool

If you have a limited backyard space, plunge pools are a great option. At typically 3 x 2 meters, plunge pools are typically smaller than regular pools and are popular as entertaining areas for friends and family. You can add edge seating/steps, waterfalls and glass wall waterfalls for a designer touch.

Backyard Pools

Family Pool

If you have space and budget, you can plan a family pool that typically measures 8 x 4 meters. Go for the classic rectangular shape or take a creative leap with round or oval shapes. Either way, a family pool is a great option for everyone to stay fit and create an entertainment spot for poolside parties and barbeques.

Family Pool Ideas

Lap Pool

Lap pools are perfect for those people who swim to keep fit. A lap pool is typically longer and thinner than most family pools. A typical straight lap pool can be 10 x 2.5 metres without any angles so that the swimmer’s arms can move freely and safely. They provide all the benefits of traditional swimming pools in a fraction of the space. Think of an endless pool as a treadmill that involves swimming. They provide a rigorous work in a small space, and are often recommended for people with arthritis and joint pain.

Lap Pools in Homes


Jacuzzis are perfect for those who prefer a relaxed intimate setting over a large pool. Also known as whirlpools and hot tubs, Jacuzzis typically incorporate massaging jet streams with warm water for hydrotherapy or relaxation. Whether you decide to place your hot tub indoors or outdoors, it’s a great incentive to come home early after a long day at the office.