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This Bathroom Trend Can Help You Feel Less Tired in the Morning

Posted on

24 January 2019

Eucalpytus in bathroom trend

This pretty trend actually has its use...

If you’re the type of person that likes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to pimping out your pad with Instagrammable accessories, get ready to dash out to your nearest gardening centre ASAP.

According to New Evolution, people are getting pretty obsessed with taking ‘eucalyptus showers’, and it’s not just because the plant adds a chic green touch to your bathroom either.

Where To Find Sleek Bathroom Design In Dubai

Posted on

20 November 2018

Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

Looking for a bathroom remodel in Dubai? Or do you need inspiration for your next design? Luckily, we’ve found an interior fit-out company that’s soaking in style!

It’s often the smallest space in the house, but that doesn’t mean the bathroom can’t make a statement. From tiles to tubs, the bathroom has many design elements to enhance and consider –as it’s key to produce a space that is stylishly sleek, yet also practical.