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7 Celebrities Who Went Blonde In 2017

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28 December 2017

7 Celebrities Who Went Blonde In 2017

Celebrity hair transformations of 2017 mostly consisted of a chop and some bleach blonde dye, as according to these celebrities blondes do have more fun!

From keeping up with Kim Kardashian West’s new hair styles (there were a lot in 2017), to still being shocked that Selena Gomez replaced her signature brunette locks with new blonde hair, this year has seen quite a few switches from dark to light!

8 Celebs Who Nailed The X-treme Long Hair Trend

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7 June 2017

Super long hair trend celebrities

There’s long hair and then there’s XX-long hair. And when we say XX-long we mean Mulan meets Rapunzel long — get the idea? We’re talking about stick-straight, shiny, butt-grazing (or in some cases ankle-grazing) lustrous manes that have become the new sexy in Hollywood.

From Nicki Minaj to Kim Kardashian, everyone who can afford the luxury of custom wigs, pricey extensions (and the impracticality of having a 32-inch hair extension affixed to one’s head) is sporting the 70's reboot trend these days.

5 Times Kylie Jenner Had A Bad Hair Day

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14 February 2017

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Kylie Jenner Hairstyle 2017

When it comes to hair, Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly the most experimental one from the Kardashian-Jenner clan. While most of us stick to black, brown, blonde or red, Kylie's hair has been every colour of the rainbow from orange to purple and everything in between.

Even when she has black hair - it can go terribly wrong - just take a look above at the short hairstyle she debuted at NYFW 2017. Not your look, Kylie.

Here are 5 other times that she sported ridiculous hair.