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Dubai Now Allows Weddings of Up to 200 Guests

Posted on

18 October 2020

Dubai Re-allows Weddings of Up to 200 Guests

What comes as great news for those looking to tie the knot in Dubai, the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management authorities have now allowed larger wedding celebrations.

Following a months-long ban of weddings in Dubai due to the Covid-19 pandemic, wedding receptions can be held in hotels, halls, residential homes, tents in residential areas, and other venues across the emirate.

5 Hair Trends That Came Out of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted on

9 September 2020

5 Hair Trends That Came Out of This Pandemic

We spend so much time fussing over how our hair is cut, shaped or coloured, that when salons, barbershops, and beauty centres closed in the UAE for months due to the pandemic, it gave residents a lot of time to rethink their regular appointments.

With fewer options for professional hairstyling, most women in the emirates began changing how they maintain their locks.

Below, check out five hair colours, hairstyles, and more that we've noticed came out of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Skincare Hacks If You Regularly Wear a Face Mask

Posted on

20 May 2020

Skincare Hacks If You Regularly Wear a Face Mask

Frequent use of face masks can cause skin problems

From dealing with skin irritation and acne to redness and abrasions, there are in fact a handful of ways that wearing a face mask daily can harm your skin.

It’s no surprise as dirt, makeup, natural oil, and sweat can build up under a mask throughout the day. Women with long-hour shifts may have also dealt with irritation and uncomfortable friction due to having the fabric rub against their face.