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Skincare Hacks If You Regularly Wear a Face Mask

How to take care of your complexion while wearing a face mask

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20 May 2020

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Clarice Awa

Clarice Awa at ewmoda
Skincare Hacks If You Regularly Wear a Face Mask

Frequent use of face masks can cause skin problems

From dealing with skin irritation and acne to redness and abrasions, there are in fact a handful of ways that wearing a face mask daily can harm your skin.

It’s no surprise as dirt, makeup, natural oil, and sweat can build up under a mask throughout the day. Women with long-hour shifts may have also dealt with irritation and uncomfortable friction due to having the fabric rub against their face.

However, for everyone’s health and safety, wearing a face mask is mandatory in the UAE while outdoors, so we cannot remove them for relief.

But we can reduce the damages and protect our skin by following certain tips. Here are 5 ways to protect your skin if you wear a face mask everyday.

1. Check the mask’s fabric

The thicker, denser the material, the more pressure it may have on your skin and less air circulation, leading to a bacteria buildup.

Light fabric such as a dust face mask will be unsafe for use if you’re in public.

Opt for face masks generally used in surgery and procedural medicine, or ones that are 100% cotton.

Just don’t forget to wash your cotton face mask after use.

Skincare Hacks If You Regularly Wear a Face Mask

2. Switch out your daily skincare routine

During our COVID-19 era, it’s best to switch out your everyday lotions, cleansers, exfoliators, etc. for other products that will keep your face safe and fresh right now.

Consider barrier creams, especially on areas that are most affected by a face mask. This will help ease any irritation caused by rubbing.

Acne treatments are better if you’re breaking out.

3. Cleanse after removing your face mask

After removing your face mask, cleanse your face as soon as it’s off to keep away any bacteria that can cause skin problems.

4. Don’t wear make-up frequently

Try to ditch your everyday makeup routine for work as wearing a face mask throughout the day can result in a buildup of oil, sweat, and bacteria that will clog your pores.

Allow your skin to breathe during these times with lighter makeup (focus on your eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, and forehead) or no makeup at all, and your complexion will thank you.

5. Use gentle skincare products

Avoid using potent and harsh skincare products. Exfoliators and cleansers with strong ingredients are more likely to cause breakouts and skin irritation.

You’ll want to use facial cleansers that are gentle on your skin, and will effectively remove oil and dirt without disrupting the skin barrier.

If you’re experiencing problems, opt for cleansers that contain salicylic acid. Products with salicylic acid helps in deep cleaning your pores to reduce oils, sebum, and bacteria.