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Skincare Hacks If You Regularly Wear a Face Mask

Posted on

20 May 2020

Skincare Hacks If You Regularly Wear a Face Mask

Frequent use of face masks can cause skin problems

From dealing with skin irritation and acne to redness and abrasions, there are in fact a handful of ways that wearing a face mask daily can harm your skin.

It’s no surprise as dirt, makeup, natural oil, and sweat can build up under a mask throughout the day. Women with long-hour shifts may have also dealt with irritation and uncomfortable friction due to having the fabric rub against their face.

UAE Guidelines for Eid Al Fitr Travel During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted on

18 May 2020

Travel for Eid Al Fitr

The UAE government strongly urges against unnecessary travel plans and socializing this Eid Al Fitr.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic across the globe, residents and citizens in the UAE have been encouraged by the government to limit outings, social gatherings, and other festivities associated with the Eid holidays.

Italy to Re-Open to Tourists in June: 10 Must-Visit Places

Posted on

17 May 2020

Must visit places in Italy

Italy will resume international travel from June 3

Were you planning on flying to Europe this year, or you’re someone who’s craving the buzz of traveling to new horizons?

What comes as fantastic news to travelers, Italy is re-opening international travel from June 3, 2020! The mandatory two-week quarantine for all incoming passengers will also be stopped.