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Beyoncé Concert in Dubai: Everything to Know

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22 January 2023

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Beyoncé Knowles at Atlantis The Palm Dubai news

After four years, Beyoncé returned to the stage for a private, invite-only concert in Dubai.

A grand hotel opening that doesn't just get the country talking but the world as well, are far and few in between.

Kickstarting its first day of business with a huge bang, making waves in both local and international news, the luxurious Atlantis The Royal in Dubai broke into the scene with a Beyoncé performance, which also makes this the Crazy In Love singer's first long-form act since Coachella 2018.

Dubai Now Allows Weddings of Up to 200 Guests

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18 October 2020

Dubai Re-allows Weddings of Up to 200 Guests

What comes as great news for those looking to tie the knot in Dubai, the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management authorities have now allowed larger wedding celebrations.

Following a months-long ban of weddings in Dubai due to the Covid-19 pandemic, wedding receptions can be held in hotels, halls, residential homes, tents in residential areas, and other venues across the emirate.

Watch This Model Hang From A Tower In Dubai Without Any Safety Equipment

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19 February 2017

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model hangs from dubai tower

Russian model and social media star Viki Odintkova has taken the perfect selfie to insane heights (literally).

People all over the world are livid with the model for hanging off the Cayan Tower in Dubai, which happens to be one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, without any safety equipment whatsoever.

The only support she had was her assistant's arm. See the entire process in the video above and check out the final picture below.

Was this shot worth risking her life over? You decide.