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An Expat Traveller's Guide to Making the Most of Your Egypt Trip

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2 June 2022

Egypt vacation guide for expats

As the most famous of Egypt’s pharaohs, the very name Tutankhamun plays on the imagination.

Little prepares you for actually meeting the legendary boy king, however.

Like chancing upon a high profile celebrity - albeit this megastar of ancient history is many thousands of years departed - goosebumps rise on entering his discreetly signed tomb in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings.

This is Why You Should Be Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh in 2020

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24 November 2019

Why you should be diving in Sharm el-Sheikh

Regarded as one of the world’s best diving locations, Sharm el-Sheikh once enjoyed a booming marine tourism industry.

In 2008, numbers were at their peak, with around 100,000 divers certified each year.

But Egypt’s last turbulent decade has impacted heavily on business. Following the revolution in 2011 and the Russian plane explosion in 2015, visitor numbers started to decline. The final blow happened in 2016 when the UK banned flights to the resort town on the Sinai Peninsula.

You Can Now Visit a 4,000 Year Old Pyramid Just Opened to the Public in Egypt

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4 July 2019

4,000 Year Old Pyramid Just Opened to the Public in Egypt

One of the most exciting things about Egypt is the fact there’s still so much for archaeologists to explore and uncover – the Great Pyramids are just the beginning of the ancient treasures the country is home to. Take the recent public opening of the Pyramid of Senusret II or Al-Lahun.

The colossal structure can be found southwest of Faiyum, a two hour drive from the capital, Cairo. It was built in the 12th Dynasty by the Pharaoh Senusret II, who ruled between 1897 and 1878 BC.