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This is Why You Should Be Wearing Fragrance on Your Hair

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5 August 2019

This is Why You Should Be Wearing Fragrance on Your Hair

How do you apply your perfume? Do you spritz directly on your wrists and neck, or do you create a cloud of scent in the air and walk into it?

Either way, fragrance application traditionally focuses on getting the scent on our pulse points, the theory being that the heat generated in these areas helps to emit the perfume particles.

This approach certainly works, but experts say if you’re only spritzing your skin, you’re missing a trick – you should be perfuming your hair as well.

Why? Because it creates a longer-lasting ‘trail’.

Hair Mists Are The New Way to Wear Your Fragrance

Posted on

16 June 2019

Best hair mists and hair perfumes to try

Leave your hair refreshed and smelling divine with one of these hair mists.

There's a new product you need to add to your hair care routine - scented hair mists. Why? They're lightweight multitaskers that do so much more than just leave your locks smelling nice.

After-all, spritzing your hair with your favourite perfume is a no-no, as they can dry out your hair due to their alcohol content. On the flip side, the oiliness of your daily fragrance can leave your freshly washed hair greasy.