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Earring Trends Through the Decades

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6 February 2020

Earring Trends Through the Decades

Earrings might still have their place in fashion, but they’re actually one of the most ancient forms of body modifications going, featured in ancient Greek frescoes and been found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

Today, ear piercings aren’t just reserved for royalty, and most women – not to mention a whole lot of men (and children) – frequently sport studs, rings or bars in their lobes.

Like all forms of fashion, jewellery trends ebb and flow – one decade we’ll be loving everything big, bold and geometric, and the next it’s all about simplicity.

Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Dubai

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28 July 2019

Where to get piercings in Dubai

Ear piercings are a huge trend right now – find out where you can get them done in Dubai with our round-up.

From delicate lobe piercings, to entirely curated ear designs, it’s safe to say that ear piercings have rapidly come back in fashion with a bang.

Having replaced tattoos as the body adornment du jour, ear piercings are undoubtedly the new (or back in fashion) form of body modification that appeals to those wary of making long-term commitments.

Heart Shaped Ear Piercings Are Taking Over Instagram

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9 March 2017

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heart cartilage piercing trend

Trust Instagram to bring out the best (and the craziest) in beauty and fashion. The latest trend on the gram is heart shaped ear piercings also known as heartilage (heart + cartilage, get it?).

The bead from the cartilage ring is removed and the metal ends are then twisted to form a heart. Keep scrolling to see more of this totally adorable trend.