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Are Anti-Pollution Beauty Products Worth Your Money?

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4 March 2019

Anti-Pollution Beauty Products

Many of us are worried about the impact pollution can have on our skin, and as so much of the population live in cities, it’s a very real problem – but can specific formulas help combat this?

It’s basically a beauty faux-pas to not be clued up on retinols, and obviously you know how good acids can be. But what about anti-pollution products?

We ask the experts to find out more…

Everything You Need To Know About The Chinese Wellness Trend Of Yang Sheng

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7 February 2019

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Yang Sheng

In light of the Chinese New Year celebrations earlier this week, makes for the perfect time to take stock of your life and see where you can make any potential improvements. As the year of the pig kicks off, you could do much worse than look into the Chinese wellness trend of Yang Sheng.

This is a school of thought which is growing in popularity in the West. It focuses on preventing illness rather than curing it, and is all about living in a way which boosts everyday health.