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Here’s How Our Favourite Celebs Celebrated Their NYE Around The World

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2 January 2019

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No matter how you spent NYE this year

Be it at the club, at home or at a fabulous retreat – it’s no doubt that each and every one of you made it as special as it can be.

Celebrating with your loved ones close by your side, while you count down the seconds for the New Year is the ultimate New Year resolution.

So you can check that one off your list.

8 Of The Most Incredible Bridges From All Over The World

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20 December 2018


Far from boring structures, these are some of the most exciting examples of architecture...

Far from being just a means to get from A to B, bridges have long been an opportunity for architects to really go wild and experiment.

Sure, you know the Golden Gate and are familiar with Tower Bridge, but what about the feats of engineering that you might not have heard of?

Even if you never knew you were a bridge fan, you soon will be after taking a look at some of these incredible structures from all over the world.

7 Of The Most Luxurious Cinemas From Around The World

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13 December 2018

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Luxurious Cinemas

With the decline of the high street and the rise of online streaming, modern technology has seen many cinemas fall on hard times.

But some are shaping up in an effort to avoid shipping out, re-branding their services and focusing more on the ‘experience’ than the film.

The Odeon cinema in London’s Leicester Square has caused outrage by charging £40 per ticket for its new high-tech auditorium, but the venue is not the only one upping the products on offer as well as the prices.