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10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In

RIP, Wallet.

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3 January 2017

10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In

Brace yourself. A shocking new survey has revealed the list of the most expensive cities to live in and it's a shocker!

While the cost of living is going up worldwide, these 10 cities are downright hard to live in, unless of course, you are a millionaire.

The research, curated by Numbeo.com reveals the staggering cost of living in these super expensive cities. It also lifts the lids on the cost of food, rents and travel in these pricey locations.

Read on to see if your city is made the cut.

10. Sydney, Australia

Sure, the Sydney skyline is great and so is the opera but would you really pay $2,888 a month to live there?

Sydney, Australia

9. Honululu, USA

If you're planning to shift base to a beachy island, we suggest you ditch Honolulu and opt for Thailand or Maldives - It's almost half the price of living in the Hawaiian island.

Honululu, USA

8. Singapore, Singapore

The little red dot on the map is a rather pricey one! It costs around $2.940 a month to live in the global financial centre.

Singapore, SIngapore

7. Dubai, UAE

The vertical city is a tourist's paradise but ask the people who live here and they will tell you how expensive this paradise is.

 Dubai, UAE

6. London, UK

There are two kinds of people who live in London: 1. The ones who are super rich to afford an apartment in Oxford Street 2. The ones who travel 3 hours from the outskirts every day just to reach their job. Unfortunately, a majority fall in the latter category.

London, UK

5. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The financial centre of Asia is certainly not a cheap place to reside in. A bottle of milk in Hong Kong costs more than a fancy McDonald's meal.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

4. Geneva, Switzerland

Living in a picturesque setting comes at a huge cost. People living in Geneva, Switzerland have to pay half of their earnings in rent alone.

Geneva, Switzerland

3. New York, USA

It costs approximately $4,207 a month to live in the economic powerhouse. A privilege only the rich of the world can enjoy.

New York, USA

2. San Francisco, USA

The Californian city is second on the list with an average living cost of $4,612 per month. The property rates are through the roof in the city.

San Francisco, USA

1. Hamilton, Bermuda

With a staggering median living cost of $4,769 per month, Hamilton Bermuda tops the list as the priciest city to live in. Unsurprisingly, the city has a meagre population of just over 3000 people, who are all probably millionaires. The rents alone take 61% of the share.

Hamilton, Bermuda

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image credit: thecrazytourist.com

image credit: thecrazytourist.com