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6 Extraordinary Islands You Actually Can Buy

From the South Pacific to the Mediterranean, there’s a multi-million dollar island out there for everyone

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25 August 2019

6 Extraordinary Islands You Actually Can Buy

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It’s been a week since news broke that Donald Trump was considering an attempt to buy Greenland, and the story has absolutely refused to die.

First there was confusion – as Twitter users and former Danish Prime Ministers alike struggled to work out whether the story was a joke – which was quickly followed by more confusion after Trump confirmed that his interest was genuine. It all got a bit out of hand after the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called the idea “absurd” and a rebuffed Trump described her as”nasty” and cancelled a trip to Denmark.

But enough about islands you definitely, definitely can’t buy – here’s a few that you can. From weather-beaten rocks in the Atlantic you might be able to afford to the floating palaces of the Caribbean…

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1. Mannion’s Island, Ireland

Price: £137,310/AED619,288.14

Mannion’s Island, Ireland

There aren’t many private islands out there on the market at the price of a bedsit in some parts of the country, and this sliver of turf off Ireland’s Atlantic coast is about as accessible as the genre gets.

Just 200 metres adrift of the mainland, the island is being sold ‘as is’, meaning that it features no buildings, no power, and no real development of any kind. We’re not too concerned – it’s still your own private island. The rest is details.

For more information, see here.

2. Eshpabekong Island Archipelago, Canada

Price: £1,971,000/AED8,889,497.70

Eshpabekong Island Archipelago, Canada

A whole 17 acres of solid rocky outcrop, Eshpabekong is not a good place to trip and bang your knee.

Rising from the surface of Lake Huron – one of the five so-called Great Lakes – this miniature archipelago hosts a timber-framed cottage with 360 degree views of the surrounding waters, broken only by a smattering of pines providing much-needed pockets of shade.

The perfect retreat for anyone wanting to temporarily turn off the world, the island operates off-the-grid and is accessed via a 100 ft dock.

For more information, see here.

3. Toberua Island Resort, Fiji

Price: £4,915,980/AED22,171,787.37

Toberua Island Resort, Fiji

A somewhat different island hailing from the Polynesian seas in the South Pacific, Toberua aims as much at the businessman as it does the run-of-the-mill millionaire.

Bristling with vegetation, a fully functional tourist resort already resides on the island, with a bar, gym, dive shop, and five stars on TripAdvisor. It’s currently run under management, so there’s a unique opportunity to try before you buy.

For more information, see here.

4. Spalathronisi Island, Greece

Price: £8,845,382/AED39,893,963.95

Spalathronisi Island, Greece

Stop island hopping and start island shopping with this treasure of the Aegean, an extremely hard-to-spell islet covered in 26 acres of attractive shrubland.

Away from the bucket-loads of tourists infesting its Southern counterparts, Spalathronisi grants guests a solitude that eludes many Greek islands.

Its perfect half-moon beach is backed by rows of olive trees, and the island is currently a blank slate, awaiting its next owners commands.

For more information, see here.

5. Cave Cay, Bahamas

Price: £49,463,256/AED223,086,504.51

Cave Cay, Bahamas

Welcome to the big leagues – even in the annals of island ownership tens of millions is a lot to fork out, but this Bahamian beauty boasts some of most blissful beaches in the Caribbean.

Forested dunes wind between shallow lagoons and a 12 ft deep natural marina, while the main house is served by self-sufficient generators and a 2,800 ft private airstrip.

On the off-chance you have £50/AED225.51 million lying around, the good news is you’ll still have more than 500 grand left over.

For more information, see here.

6. Pumpkin Key, Florida

Price: £78,316,823/AED353,220,303.32

Pumpkin Key, Florida

OK, we know that 99.999999% of people couldn’t afford five minutes on this island, but allow your inner Bond villain to fantasise momentarily.

Ten minutes from Miami Beach by helicopter (and if you’re buying this place, you own one), and with a harbour so large it expects a super yacht, Pumpkin Key is what private islands look like in the movies.

The forested islet comes with its own power and water supplies, and the canopy opens just enough to reveal two tennis courts that double as a helipad.

For more information, see here.