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7 Genius Ways To Get A First-Class Ticket Upgrade

"I want to fly coach", said no one ever.

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31 January 2017

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Get A First Class Upgrade

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Flying first class is an experience in itself. However, having bubbly, gourmet meals and in some cases, a shower, at 30,000 feet comes at a mammoth cost.

Here's how you can snag a first-class ticket upgrade.

Stick To Your Preferred Airline

Loyalty matters - in life and in the airline industry. It might cost you slightly more to travel by the same airline, but the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term cost increase. You are more likely to travel first class by stockpiling miles of the same airline.

Fly on your birthday

Don't underestimate the power of a friendly conversation. The airport staff are people - just like us and talking to them nicely while hinting at the fact that it's your birthday can help (with a little bit of luck, of course).

Don't travel during peak seasons

This one's a no-brainer. Avoid flying on weekends and big holidays. According to FareCompare, the best days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday. The best times to fly are morning and mid-day.

Arrive early to the gate

Your chances of getting an upgrade go down the drain when you arrive last minute at the gate and everyone is being ushered into the flight. However, if you arrive early, you can chat with the gate staff without any pressure and ask them if an upgrade is possible.

Go solo

You are more likely to get an upgrade if it's just you as compared to you and a group of friends.

Befriend an industry insider

Earlier, it used to be SO easy to get buddy tickets which were ridiculously discounted. Unfortunately, most airlines have either done away or massively restricted the buddy system. Even so, knowing someone who works in an airline company can help as they have a lot of information about flights and passenger systems.


If all else fails - complain.

Airlines care about pleasing their customers. Politely complaining about a shortcoming and asking to be moved to another seat can get you an upgrade if coach is fully booked.