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7 Things You Must Experience In The Seychelles

From watching turtles nest to riding horseback on the beach...

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3 December 2017

7 Things You Must Experience In The Seychelles

Travellers have always been mesmerized by the exquisite corner of the earth that is the Seychelles, as the 115 islands in the Indian Ocean play host to a variety of unforgettable experiences.

As an exotic destination under 5 hours away from the UAE, the Seychelles offers the perfect escape from Dubai city-life and Air Seychelles will fly you there with the creole spirit, so you can start your exotic adventure early. With Air Seychelles you can also receive flights at a discounted price to make your trip even better!

As a tropical location the Seychelles Islands have many unique views and excursions with pink rocks, rare black parrots and turtles nesting in the day time, as you can explore the landscape whilst kayaking through the mangroves or parasailing over Beau Vallon.

So if you’re looking for a holiday destination for 2018 then you need to consider flying to the Seychelles with Air Seychelles unique flying experience. And when you arrive we have the top-pick of the 7 things you must experience in the Seychelles.

#1 Kayak through the mangroves

Most of the Seychelles islands original mangrove forests have been cleared for development, which makes kayaking through the remaining mangroves extra special. Port Launay has one of the last and best remaining mangrove forests on the main island, Mahé. You can also kayak through the coastal forests in the Constance Ephelia Resort at Port Launay, as you explore nature in this peaceful and alternative way.

#2 Vallée de Mai on Praslin

A walk through the Unesco World Heritage Site on Praslin Island allows you to explore the clusters of the 4,000 coco de mer palms that are endemic to the Seychelles. The coco de mer palm, is known for bearing the biggest nut in the world and is among six endemic palm species found in the garden. Catch sight of the rare endangered black parrot, the Seychelles national bird and listen to the raindrops hit the leaves in this Garden of Eden setting.

#3 A private helicopter

The best way to island hop is from above, as you could get a birds-eye view of the clear blue waters against the white sands and lush green vegetation of the Seychelles. Flying over the Seychelles creates a unique experience that will stay with you forever with scenic views and a smooth flight above the ocean.

#4 Turtle nesting

The Seychelles is one of the only places in the world where Hawksbill turtles come to nest during the day. If you want to witness a turtle laying her eggs you’ll have to visit the Seychelles in October or January and head to Cousin Island by a boat from Praslin Island.

#6 Horseback riding on the beach

With Turquoise Horse Trails at Barbarons you can experience horse riding on the stunning Seychelles beaches and through the enchanting island forests. There’s nothing like hooves in white sands and the horses also love the warm sun-soaked water, as you get to experience the magic of nature throughout island life. This fun activity should only be experienced in the Seychelles!

#7 Hikes on Mahé

Hiking on the Copolia Trail will take you to exposed glacis rock, which forms the base of the inner granitic Seychelles islands. To get there you’ll pass through a cinnamon and rubber tree forest and you’ll get to see the natural beauty of Seychelles. The Morne Blanc walking trail starts above the tea plantation; you’ll cross mosses and ferns with hidden small frogs beneath them. At the higher climbing points you’ll catch views over the Port Launay Marine Park.