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Art Dubai Partner With Saudi Arabia's Misk Art Institute

A collaboration of modern and contemporary art in the Arab world

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8 March 2018

Art Dubai Announce Partnership With Saudi Arabia's Misk Art Institute

Shakir Hassan Al Said, Untitled, 1957. Courtesy Alia and Hussain Harba Collection.

Art enthusiasts get ready –Art Dubai 2018 is just a couple of weeks away and the line-up is getting even more interesting!

Art Dubai is collaborating with Saudi Arabia's Misk Art Institute, as both cultural art platforms aim to highlight modern and contemporary Arabic art through exhibitions, talks and celebrations. As we’re counting down the days until Art Dubai returns, this exciting new partnership has only added to our anticipation.

Misk Art Institute is a new cultural organisation established by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and is led by Saudi artist, Ahmed Mater. The Institute was created to encourage grassroots artistic production in Saudi Arabia and enable international cultural diplomacy. This makes the institute a perfect partner for Art Dubai’s upcoming diverse art fair, which will particularly showcase art from the Gulf region.

Art Dubai x Misk Art Institute

The collaboration will include Misk Art Institute’s exclusive partnership of Art Dubai Modern, with a non-selling exhibition exploring significant modern art movements from the region entitled “That Feverish Leap into the Fierceness of Life” –sounds intriguing, right?!

Misk Art Institute will not only focus on Arab modernism, but will also explore the contemporary movements shaping Saudi Arabia through a limited-edition publication produced in partnership with Saudi Art Guide and a preview of Reframe Saudi, a virtual reality film that takes a look inside the working studios of artists in the Kingdom.

Art Dubai x Misk Art Institute

Art Dubai x Misk Art Institute aims to strengthen and explore education on art from the region, continue to create a platform for the Gulf’s artist talents and act as ambassador for modern and contemporary art alike. As Saudi Arabia’s cultural scene grows, so does our excitement for Art Dubai 2018 and the Misk Art Institute collaboration…

Here's a teaser of what to expect at the Art Dubai event

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