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The Eiffel Tower Is Getting A Makeover For $318 Million

Here's what is going to change

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18 January 2017

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The Eiffel Tower Is Being Renovated For $318 Million

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1899 as a temporary structure. And now, over a hundred years later, the tower still stands tall thanks to the many renovations it has undergone. To keep anything in top condition, a little sprucing every now and then is required and the Eiffel Tower is no exception.

Even though the tower has been renovated before, this is perhaps the most extravagant renovation costing a staggering $318 million. You are not going to see an immediate difference as the renovation will take place over a period of 15 years and is expected to be completed in 2024. The renovation will be completed just in time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 and the World Expo 2025; Paris is a bidder for both.

So what's going to change? According to the city authorities of Paris, there will be "improvements to security, shelters to protect visitors waiting in line in the snow or rain, new painting and stripping, upgraded elevators, modernization of the lower second floor, and shorter lines thanks to new reception spaces and better crowd flow management."

The thousands of lights that make the tower come alive at night will also be updated.