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This Family Is Travelling The World Without Spending A Dime

This is the dream!

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17 January 2017

image credit: thebucketlistfamily/Instagram

image credit: thebucketlistfamily/Instagram

This story is a big shout-out to all those who think that quitting a mundane job and selling earthly possessions - in the name of wanderlust - is a risk not worth taking.

Meet Garrett Gee, the 28-year-old entrepreneur who sold his tech company to Snapchat, left his job and decided to take a trip around the world with his wife, Jessica and their two children.

Sounds risky - right? Here comes the inspirational part: The family, who received a portion of $54 million from the buyout hasn’t spent a single penny from their savings. And mind you, they’ve been on the roads for more than a year now. Instead of using their savings, the couple sold everything they owned for about $45000 and embarked on the backpacking journey.

Five months down the road - the family had spent all but $5,000 of their budget. Luckily, about the same time, they started documenting their travel diaries as The Bucket List Family through blogging and social media.

In an interview with Business Insider Gee said, "Fortunately, about this same time, our social media began gaining enough traction that hotels, airlines, and other brands began working with us,"

The Gee family has been travelling the world for over a year now and judging by their growing Instagram following, there's no slowing down. So far, they have ticked off Dubai, Switzerland, Scotland, Greece and Nepal from their list - without touching the millions Gee made from Snapchat.

Check out some of their stunning travel shots from around the world below.