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Finally A More Comfortable Way To Fly – Airline Launches Lie-Flat Mattresses In Economy Class

Thomas Cook Airlines is offering the new ‘Sleeper Seat’ for anyone who struggles to get enough rest on long-haul flights

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18 March 2019

Lie-Flat Mattresses In Economy Class

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It’s the dream for any economy traveller, to arrive at your seat on the plane to find there’s NO ONE else on your row and you can lift the arm rests up and stretch out horizontally. In fact, we’d go as far to say it’s even better than most business class seat situations.

Well, one airline has decided to capitalise on this and offer mattresses to go along the rows, so you can be extra comfortable – it’ll just cost you £200/AED 975.

Thomas Cook Airlines has just announced their new ‘Sleeper Seat’ – on sale from today. They transform a row of three into a flat bed, so you might actually be able to get some proper sleep on a long haul flight.

lie-flat mattresses in economy class

They’ll be available on longer routes on its Airbus A330, such as to New York, San Francisco, Orlando and Cancun, and you won’t have to rely on luck to have the row to yourself, you can book it (without having to pay for all three seats).

You’ll take off as normal, but when the plane is in the air, the cabin crew will transform your private row into a bed with a mattress with a fitted sheet (hello luxury), head rest, pillow and blanket. The mattresses are 148.4cm long and 67cm deep, and the sleeper rows will be tucked away at the back of the aircraft.

There are are only four available per flight though, and you need to secure them at the time of booking.

lie-flat mattresses in economy class

Other than that, you’ll have the same service as normal in Economy, with James Martin meals and in-flight entertainment – on a choice of your three personal TVs. And if you’re travelling with a partner, friend or your family and don’t want to pay for multiple Sleeper Seats, you’re allowed to share the love and swap places (cue the arguments). The only rule is you need to be 12 or over.

“We always look for ways to innovate for our customers and Sleeper Seat is a UK first that we are really proud of,” says Henry Sunley at Thomas Cook. “It’s a fantastic way to transform your flying experience and enjoy some extra comfort when flying in Economy.”

So you can land at your destination fully rested, adjusted to the time difference, and just a little bit smug.

Book online at for selected long-haul flights from 13 May 2019. Prices start from £200/ AED 975 one-way.