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Here's Why You Shouldn't Post Photos While Travelling

Not everything needs to be on Instagram.

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1 June 2017

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Reasons to travel without social media

Different people travel for different reasons. Some travel for adventure, some to heal a broken heart and some to explore nature.

The worst kind of travelling, however, is the one is for social approval. Of course, nobody would admit this — how can we?

We live in a world that thrives under a digital spell. Most of the things we do are often unintentionally for the sake of admiration, especially travelling. Part of the reason we travel to exotic beaches and isolated mountains is to get away from the stress of daily life. The strain that comes with the inherent need to validate little things in our lives and the urge to get a nod of approval from your circle of influence.

But what good is the break when all you did was wait anxiously to see the response on Instagram? Read the points below to understand the deeper truths behind those seemingly harmless travel photos.

1. You’re missing out the point of travelling.

Getting a few thumbs up from people you hardly know is NOT worth the trouble, effort and money. Seriously, who really cares about what you ate and what you wore?

Sure, the people in your profile might skim through and press the like button but they do the same for a cute puppy photo.

Reasons to travel without social media

2. You’re not enjoying yourself.

You may not be an adrenaline junkie and you may not find sunsets mesmerising YET you’re still spending time on cliche places.

Your ideal destination could be a roadside café or a crowded market — and it’s totally acceptable. Your place of interest may not be photo-worthy but it will give you memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Remember: Doing what you enjoy the most is the essence of any destination. Capitalise on what you like for yourself, not for your virtual followers.

Reasons to travel without social media

3. Your picture perfect moment will just be on an app.

Be honest, how would you feel when someone is your family says, 'Remember that vacation to Scotland where all you did was take pictures and post them on Instagram?'

Embarrassed, we assume.

No place is going to be 'picture perfect' if you’re focused on your phone.

4. Your travel diaries are creating a sense of depravity.

While you’re having an epic time, someone is going through a breakup or an eviction. Put yourself in their shoes, would you really want to see yourself taking that scuba dive shot? Probably not.

When you experience something great – that pleasure is all your own. Believe it or not, your friends don’t want to hear about your excellent adventures. It makes their lives look sad and mundane in comparison.

Reasons to travel without social media