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How To Avoid Your Hotel Safe Being Broken Into

Why you shouldn't always trust your safety deposit box

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25 January 2018

How to avoid your hotel safe being broken into

Travellers and holiday makers may be shocked to find out their hotel safe isn’t as secure as they are led to believe. As a hotel guest, you instantly trust that you’re paying for security, especially as the hotel usually provides a safety deposit box to protect your belongings and ease your concerns.

However, this YouTube video with 175,000 views suggests otherwise! Posted by a Washington DC attorney, whose account name is LockPickingLawyer, this video reveals how people are vulnerable to theft, as some hotels haven’t reset the administrator password on the safe.

The lock expert, therefore, proves just how easy it is to break into this safety deposit box and take its belongings. Which serves as a huge warning for tourists and travellers…

The short video clip reveals that a safety deposit box can have a manufacturer’s code which can override the personal code you’ve selected. The lock expert continues to state that guests in hotels that use Saflock products should be extra vigilant before using the safe.

So, we’ve listed some hotel safety precautions and top travel tips for you to take note of...

#1 Check with the hotel

Check that the hotel has reset your safety deposit box, especially if it’s a Saflock product and make sure that only you have access to your unique code.

#2 Avoid the ground floor

Try to request rooms that aren’t on the ground floor, as in certain areas ground floor rooms are much easier to break into and valuables are therefore at risk.

#3 Invest in a portable safe

Use a portable safe, it’s not impossible to break into but you know that no one else will have the code and so that makes it a lot more difficult.

#4 Lock it away (safely)

It may sound simple, but don’t leave valuables in view, either take them with you or use your portable safe and luggage locks to always try to deter theft, don’t make it easy!