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Inside The World's Most Expensive Hotel

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16 November 2016

 The Most Luxurious Hotel of the World

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If you could choose where to wake up in a parallel life – this is where it should be.

A palatial building with 200 all-villa resorts spanning across 30,000 sq feet – The 13 in Macau is the world’s most expensive hotel with a price tag of more than £5million ($7million) per guest room.

Built at a whopping cost of £1billion, the 13 is the latest venture by Hong Kong billionaire, Stephen Hung. This grand architectural wonder boasts of every imaginable luxury you can think of.

Each villa houses a trained butler and a fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms on-hand to chauffer the guests around the hotel's ultra-glamorous casinos, bars or to the airport.

While details of its higher luxury villas are being kept under the wraps, the Louis XIII Holdings Limited has revealed photos of the Villa du Comte - their ‘entry-level’ accommodations.

The 13 - Entrance Lobby

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If you ever get to be a lucky guest at The 13, you will have an exclusive bed chamber with a plush king size, velvet-canopied bed completed with an intricately carved Baroque headboard – all to yourself.

The 13 - Room Entrance

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The 13 - Villa Living Room

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The 13 - Bedrooms

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Don’t swoon yet.

You will also be able to relax in a bathroom with art covered ceilings lights, rain shower and electric bidet toilet hidden behind a floor to ceiling stained glass façade.
You will also enjoy privileged access to your villa via lifts which open directly into a private lobby

The 13 - Bubble Bath

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The 13 - Roman Bathrooms

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Located in the heart of gambling hub, Macau – The 13 will open its doors for the rich and wealthy of the world in early 2017.
Who would be the first guest - any guesses?