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Style On Tour: Alicia Keys Travels To Egypt

Fallin' into Cairo!

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2 September 2018

Alicia Keys Egypt Trip

Image credit: Instagram / @aliciakeys

From cruising on the Nile to camel riding in the desert and discovering the ancient pyramids, American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys has been exploring what Egypt has to offer during her latest trip with her family. The Grammy award-winner has visited the remarkable temples in Luxor, encountered Aswan’s natural beauties and wandered through Nubian villages.

Sharing her holiday snaps on Instagram, the New York musician has inspired us to visit the North African nation with its many treasures –from the sights of Giza to the Great Sphinx, Alicia Keys has marvelled at the ancient wonders and cultural spectacles of Egypt.

Keys sums up her inspiring trip with this caption: “There’s so much to see, there’s so much to know, so much to uncover, so many ways to grow. I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.”

Alicia Keys in Egypt


The "No One" singer was joined on her travels to the Arab nation by her husband DJ and producer Swizz Beatz, her children Genesis and Egypt, and her step children. The family appear to have loved their time in Egypt, as they’ve learnt, discovered and had fun!

Swizz Beatz (whose father is from Eriteria), revealed “I feel at home and at peace [here in Egypt]…We must learn about our own culture.” As, we’ve captured just some of the moments from the family’s trip and documented Alicia Key’s Egyptian style

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