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These 16 Items Promise to Change The Way You Travel

Be a pro at traveling with these useful things to buy

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18 June 2019

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Jazz-Inaya Hamilton

Jazz-Inaya Hamilton at ExpatWoman
16 Things You're Totally Going To Need When You're Traveling

These must-have items are designed to make your life easier.

Have a summer vacation planned that's coming up soon? Or perhaps you're returning home to see family? Traveling can be stressful, we know.

After all, there are so many things to consider; will there be an iron where you're staying? How much does your shampoo weigh? Is your luggage overweight? How will you keep your clean and dirty laundry clean?

To help you out, we aim to answer these questions for you. Which is why we've gathered a list of, what we think, are the must-have travel items you should be taking with you.


Being organised is an important part of traveling. And, for those of us who are forgetful and can sometimes be on the unorganized side, these products will make your travel experience that bit easier.

#1 Travel Luggage Organizer Packing Cubes

These packing cubes will change the way you pack forever. Not only will they keep things more organized and easy to find, but you can also fit more things inside the case.
AED 79

#2 Laundry bag - 90x60cm

If its to keep all your clean dirty clothes separate from your clean ones in your suitcase, or in your hotel room, you will find this bag super helpful.
AED 67

#3 ECBC Hercules - Travel Backpack

Review: "Overall, the ECBC Hercules backpack is easily the best bag I have ever owned. It is a very well designed and constructed bag, that is equally stylish and functional. It is able to hold much more than might initially appear thanks to an intelligent, well thought out interior design. The extra protection afforded by the water repellent exterior and zippers gives piece of mind if you are caught in a rain storm, and you can rest assured all of your gear will stay nice and dry."
AED 507.71

#4 Women Drawstring Cosmetic bag

This makeup bag will keep everything in one place, and make 'tidy up time' a whole lot easier, what more could you want?
AED 15.68

#5 Toiletry Bag Multi-function Cosmetic Bag

Want to keep your makeup and toiletries organized while your travel and when you arrive at your destination, this bag is perfect for you.
AED 14.67

#6 Electronic Organizer

There are few things as annoying as all your wires getting tangled, or losing your earphones are the bottom of your bag. When using this product, not only will you everything stay untangled, you'll also know where all your cords and electronics are.
AED 51

#7 Portable 40kg Travel Luggage Scale

Gone are the times of guestimation, with this scale you'll know before you get to the airport if you've accidentally overpacked, because honestly, who doesn't.
AED 59.99

Creased Clothes?

When it comes to packing, whether or not my clothes get creased is normally the last thing on my mind. I just do whatever it takes to make everything fit. Even those extra few tops, the ones I haven't worn in over a year, but definitely need. When it actually comes to wearing my now creased clothes, I do regret my packing decisions. But, the solution to creased clothe problems had been solved!

#8 Handheld Steam Iron

You're welcome.
AED 98

Looking Good!

It's no secret that traveling time means caring what you look like is thrown out the window and comfy-ness is the only thing on your mind.

#9 Travel Jewelry Storage Cases

When traveling you want to make sure that when you take your favorite jewelry off, you don't have to be worrying about whether you're going to lose it. You'll be thanking yourself if you buy this bag.
AED 79

#10 Led Travel Makeup Mirror

If your meeting a loved one after a long journey, having this little led mirror will help you have a quick touch up!
AED Led Travel Makeup Mirror

#11 Batiste Dry Shampoo - Fresh Fragrance

Fresh scented, dry shampoo, does anything else really need to be said?
AED 38.75

#12 5PC Travel Case Head Toothbrushes

Want to keep your toothbrush extra clean, these toothbrush caps will help with that!
AED 42

#13 KIPOZI Mini Size Travel Hair Straighteners

Your go-to straights taking up too much space? Why not try travel sized ones!
AED 160

Comfort is Key

There is nothing worse than being completely exhausted and not being able to fall asleep. Hopefully, these products can help you with that.

#14 Foot Rest Pillow Cushion for Travel

This product can double up as footrest or a pillow!
AED 29.59

#15 Inflatable Travel Pillow

Review: "Says what it shows. Highly recommended."

#16 Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Review: "As someone who flies a lot for work, I was looking for a pair of earplugs that was both durable and comfortable, and these have lived up to the task. I love how they have both a non-vented (for when the toddler is sitting behind me) and vented pair (for when I just want to drown out the hum of the engines) in the package, and the aluminum carrying case is a nice touch. Overall, I was expecting a lot out of these earplugs, and have not been disappointed!"
AED 262.10

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