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Top 10 Destinations For 2017

These 10 destinations will rule your Instagram in 2017

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30 November 2016

These 10 Destinations Will Rule Instagram in 2017

Discovering the unseen and experiencing the unusual – we proudly dedicate 2017 to exploring new terrains. Check out the top 10 countries that will rule your Instagram feeds in the coming year.

1. Cuba

Vintage American cars and Cuban cigars - who would say no to the sun-faded streets bustling with poetry, music and dancing?


2. Canada

If not for Justin Trudeau then visit Canada to witness the myriad of celebrations on its 150th birthday.


3. Croatia

With more than thousand islands, rocky shores and the perfect tropical weather, Croatia has its fair share of nature's bliss waiting to be explored.


4. Iceland

This is where long dark winters are overshadowed by the summer’s midnight sun. From Northern Lights to Blue Lagoon, this ruggedly beautiful country takes you as close to nature as it gets.


5. Italy

No travel list is complete without Italy. It's where love meets art, food, leisure and nature - simultaneously. Jay-Z and Beyonce love the Amalfi Coast in Italy so much that they have even rapped about it!


6. Finland

Liberated in 1917, the Fins plan to celebrate their centenary with remarkable celebrations in every region. And also, because every picture taken in the picturesque country is insta-worthy.


7. Oman

Following in the footsteps of the UAE, Oman has been gearing up to offer the perfect blend of modernization and middle eastern culture. With high-end hotels popping up and a million dollar theme park in progress, the sultanate looks ready to put its best foot forward in the tourism world. It only takes one hour by flight to get to Oman making it perfect for weekend getaways!


8. Myanmar

Home to over a 100 ethnic groups and numerous stunning architectural gems, Myanmar is gaining popularity amongst tourists.


9. Nepal

The thrill of exploring the endangered will take throngs of tourists to Nepal. The country hasn't fully recovered after the massive earthquake in 2015 but ironically, that adds to its charm.


10. Mongolia

A brand new luxury airport and a $500 million Shangri-La complex - Mongolia certainly knows how to attract the crowd. Beyond the modernisation lies the stunning countryside, blue lakes and wild life worthy of a tour.