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Travel Designers: The New Way To Plan Your Trip

Forget travel agents, we want a travel designer with no fee!

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27 February 2018

Top Tips on Travel Designers

Travel agents are becoming a thing of the past, as more and more people are organising their own holidays online. But some still prefer to have their trips planned stress free, as a new niche service of travel designers offer a personalised travel experience with expert planning catered specifically to you. As we all have hectic Dubai schedules and a busy work life, using a travel designer sounds like the perfect way to escape the sand pit with no stress.

Although it sounds luxurious and way out of price range the service is actually no fee (now we’re listening). From around the world adventures to weekend breaks and family holidays, travel designers create a holiday unique to your needs and get paid a commission from their suppliers which include hotels and airlines, not you! So you’ll end up paying the same or less as you would to book the holiday directly yourself.

Educated by their own worldly experiences and voyages, travel designers then consider your likes and dislikes, your budget and your requirements before planning the holiday of your dreams that you don’t have to organise! It sounds to be good to be true, so here is some advice on using travel designers and planning your next trip, as we're off to find travel designers in Dubai...

Tips on Picking A Travel Designer

#1 Have a nosy on their social media

It may sound creepy (we all do it) but have a scroll through the travel designer's Instagram account, see where they'e been, if it is suited to where you want to go and what they've learnt a long the way.

Travel blogs give us a good insight into someone's knowledge and experience, as you need a designer who is well travelled, has visited unique destinations and will can offer you the advice and guidance you need for your own adventure. And of course, Instagram is the hub of travel inspiration, so get ideas on where your next stop will be...

#2 What does the travel designer specialise in?

European culture, luxury hotels, backpacking in Bali? You need the right expert for you and your trip, so ask some questions and get to know what the travel designer is good at.

From a family cruise to a couples ski trip and a summer girls holiday to Ibiza, it's important that the designer's skills are suited to your needs in order to get the most from you travel experience. If they know how to find a-list hotel suites for half the price then that's good enough for us!!

#3 Have your own ideas ready

Although the travel designer is there to help design your ideal holiday package, they need something to work with and you need to have a rough idea of what you want. To ensure you get the most from travel experience be honest with your new travel organiser and direct about your likes and dislikes, so they can create the best trip for you and your needs.

Make a mind map of places you'd like to visit and note down your travel inspirations or screenshot that amazing hotel you saw online. Then share them with the designer as they can start to build new memories for you to make.

#4 Be surprised by your designer!

Pick a travel designer that you can trust to take control and take away the stress of organising a trip abroad. Leave the itinerary to the experts so you can relax and get spoilt with personalised surprises on your holiday which will make you embrace this new travel experience.

Enjoy the luxury of not having to worry about the details and know your not wasting money on travel agents will little knowledge or experience, with no planning stress you head straight from the plane to the beach and never plan a trip again...