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10 Biggest Celebrity Makeup Fails Caught On Camera

Where was the mirror ladies?

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24 January 2017

video credit: TheTalko/YouTube

Most of us who’ve been a victim to bad makeup days, know how often the situation can get out-of-control. Every time you walk out of that door, there is every possibility that your lipstick is on your teeth, your liner is uneven and the worst of all — you forgot to blend your foundation.

Nobody can escape the ruthless lens of a camera that somehow catches people at their absolute worst. The lens doesn’t lie nor does it discriminate between a celebrity and a regular joe. But lucky for us, our makeup fails aren’t caught on tape or seen by millions. Imagine the same disasters happening to one of Hollywood A-listers – oh the horror!

Money can buy you expensive makeup and world famous experts but one look at @TheTalko’s YouTube video on the biggest celebrity makeup fails proves — it can’t buy perfection. Check out what happens when stars like Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie forget to look in the mirror before walking the red carpet.