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10 Bizarre Wedding Dresses Women Actually Wore

We have one question for these ladies...WHY?!

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5 July 2017

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video credit: @TheTalko

Many women start planning their wedding when they are little girls and there is no husband to be in sight.

They plan what the setup will look like, what flowers will adorn the space and of course, the most important detail - what their wedding dress will look like.

And while most girls dream of a conventional white gown, there are some who are braver and take risks. Sarah Jessica Parker, for instance, infamously wore a black gown to her wedding (a decision she later admitted she regretted).

However, there are some brides who push the envelope so far, that they tear it. Compiled by @TheTalko, here's a compilation of crazy wedding dresses women actually wore.

From a dress made out of cream puffs to straight up wearing a garbage can, prepare yourself for a whole lotta crazy!