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10 Celebs Who Ruined Their Faces Through Plastic Surgery

You may wanna look at this before getting a lip job.

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5 February 2017

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video credit: The Talko

Plastic surgery and botox have become as common as getting a haircut. Rarely ever will you find a celebrity who has not gone under the knife. Deny is as much as they may (we are looking at you, Kylie Jenner), photos don't lie.

And even though technology and medicine have advanced unbelievably today, plastic surgery can still go wrong. Also, not to mention plastic surgery can be addictive. You may want just a nip here and a tuck there and before you know it you want to change everything.

Jocelyn Wildenstein (pictured below) is the perfect example of how plastic surgery can become addictive. After the demise of her 20-year marriage to Alec Wildenstein, she spent over $4 million to get a more cat-like appearance through surgeries as her ex-husband loved big cats. She is now known as 'Catwoman', 'bride of Wildenstein' and often listed as a cautionary tale for addiction to plastic surgery.

In the video above, The Talko lists 10 surgeries who destroyed their faces through plastic surgery. You may wanna take a look at it before you take a decision on those lip fillers.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

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