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10 Couples Who Will Give You Geeky Wedding Goals

The Purple Wedding or The Cullens Wedding - you decide.

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19 February 2017

video credit: TheTalko/YouTube

Nothing beats the fun of spending your life with the person who shares your undying crush on Batman, Gandalf, Jon Snow or Super Mario. And what better way to seal this imperfectly perfect relationship than with an impressively planned geeky-themed wedding?

There's nothing wrong with white dresses, big churches, fresh lilies and tried and tested menus — except these cliché weddings are a tad bit boring and well, not you.

Imagine how thrilling it would be to ditch the white wedding tradition in favour of a themed wedding that’s less formal and fun to attend! If you’re looking for ideas then popular YouTube channel, @TheTalko has compiled a list of 10 couples who let their inner geeks take over their wedding plans.

From a mermaid tale cake to a Gandalf-like priest — these couples paid attention to the tiniest details and the end results are unforgettable.