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10 Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World

#5 is the best one!

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12 April 2017

video credit: PsychoTraveller/YouTube

The worst thing about having an appetite to travel the world is NOT being able to afford it . Your Instagram feed is cluttered with jaw-dropping scenic locations, your rich friends are exploring the world and here you are — stuck at a desk job — bitten by the bug we call wanderlust.

You keep finding ways to be frugal and strategising your annual leaves to a point where it gets frustrating — and then you drop the whole idea to go hiking. It happens to the best of us.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

If instead of getting done with the work's day you're reading every travel blog, longing to be on the road, then you gotta watch this interesting video by UK-based YouTube travel V-logger, @psychotraveller aka Alyshia Ford. With over 114,000 subscribers on YouTube and 3 consecutive years on the road — Ford is as good an authority to talk about travel jobs and expenses as any.

In this video, she has listed down 10 exciting jobs that will actually PAY you to travel. Watch the video to see which one is a good fit for you.