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The 20 Coolest Houses That Actually Exist IRL

Money can't buy creativity and brains

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23 January 2017

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video credit: beamazedvideos/YouTube

Money may buy you luxury and land but it takes a lot more than bucks to afford and embrace eccentricity, creativity and uniqueness.

The world is filled with millions of homes – some expensive, some creative and some downright dangerous, but only a handful qualify to be called cool. While most of us would consider a batman-themed room cool or foldable furniture unique, there are some genius architect minds who have taken their four-walled structure to places you can only dream of.

From a home in the middle of an ocean to another one built inside stones - YouTube channel, @beamazed has created this jaw-dropping list of the top 20 most unique homes around the world.

These super cool houses may have started out as experiments, but today they’re guaranteed to be a visit worth experiencing!