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This Is The Facial Kendall & Kylie Swear By For Glowing Skin

so that's how they do it

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8 March 2017

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video via Dermatology Northwest/YouTube

Kendall and Kylie are all around perfection and their skin is no exception.

Exhibit A.

slush acne facial

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And their glowing skin is all thanks to the latest beauty craze - the Slush facial. Dry ice and acetone (yes, the stuff in your nail polish remover) are used by a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL to cleanse the skin and remove dirt and oil.

The treatment first became popular when it was showcased on Khloe Kardashian's show Revenge Body as the acne clearing treatment of choice of the Kardashians. The process begins with exfoliating the skin with dry ice that is wrapped in a gauze and dipped in acetone. “It is typically used in the treatment of acne, but it can also improve melasma and sun spots, as well as overall skin quality and texture,” Holly Buchko, a nurse practitioner at Coast Dermatology, told Marie Claire. Watch the whole process in the video above.

Well, we can't wait till this treatment makes way to Dubai!