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How To Find The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Never get a bad haircut again

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24 January 2017

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video credit: ellebangs/YouTube

Nothing puts a happy girl in a bad mood than spending hours scouring Pinterest for the perfect cut and taking a dozen screenshots on Instagram — only to find out that the end result doesn’t work for your face shape. Yes, we get it - your stylist should have informed you but hey, all you showed her was a photo-shopped picture.

The style-to-face mismatch is a common problem that even celebrities (after dozens of hairstylist and experts) go through. A flattering haircut is not fate or magic — it’s all about creating the illusion that you have a perfectly oval face that highlights your best features and downplays the not-so-great ones.

So how did Halley Berry find her perfect pixie cut and why did Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel cut become a sensation? Popular hair stylist and YouTube blogger, Elle Bangs answers all these questions and more in the video above. She also explains a pretty cool way to determine your face shape plus some useful tips for six basic types of face shapes — Oval, round, square, diamond, oblong and heart.

image credit: pinterest

image credit: pinterest