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Magnetic Face Masks: Do They Really Work?

Magnets are not just for refrigerators anymore

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4 December 2016

video credit: tinayong/YouTube

You know how when you rip off a pore mask and you can see all the dirt that came off? Yeah, it's gross, but it's also strangely satisfying to see the dirt leaving your skin. And if you are like us - you are going to love this magnetic face mask.

Magnetic masks are the new it-thing in the beauty world. Many high-end brands including, Dr Brandt Skincare and Lancer Skincare are using the 2000-year-old Cleopatra-approved technique to create these magnetic masts. She slept with a magnetic amulet on her head to maintain her youthful appearance. Good enough for Cleopatra, good enough for us.

The mask comes in a thick grey formula meant to brighten and firm skin but the real fun lies in taking it off. Instead of washing it off with water or peeling it away, this weird fella is whisked away using a magnet and in the process, all the dirt and grime on your face is extracted.

Let popular YouTube blogger, Tina Yong, show you exactly how it works.