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Pia Wurtzbach | Miss Universe 2015 Reveals Her Must-Have Makeup Products

Black is not her colour!

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2 February 2017

video credit: MissUniverse/YouTube

Steve Harvey might have robbed her of Miss Universe winner’s walk but Pia Wurtzbach gracefully went on to became one of the most popular beauty pageant winners of all time. She is not only enviably beautiful — but surprisingly relatable too.

During her beauty reign, the 27-year-old Filipino actress, model and TV host did numerous makeup tutorials to help her fans learn the life behind beauty pageants.

The video above – uploaded by Miss Universe official YouTube channel also shows Pia's quirky side as she gives out tips on creating 3D eyebrows, contouring and prepping skin for makeup.

Looking at Wurtzbach's tutorials you would think it's easy to achieve that stage-worthy glow. Here are few makeup tips and products she swears by:

1. MAC MAC and some more MAC: Pia is obsessed with everyone’s favourite makeup brand. From primer to bronzer to lip liner, we could spot at least 10 MAC products.

2. Less is more: One tip she gave was to know when to stop. With countless makeup products in front – the key is to know what goes best with what. Applying everything will just make you look cakey.

3. Smokey eyes aren’t her thing: Her go-to eye colour is brown. To give a slightly smoky effect – she actually uses purples and rogue tones instead of blacks and greys.

Watch the video to see which makeup products she swears by.