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Water bills in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has their water supplied by Azersu and they monitor all of the water meters in residents houses.

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18 November 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Water bills in Azerbaijan

The company Azərsu is responsible for the water supply of Azerbaijan. Azərsu employees have to enter the home to take a reading read water meters.


At: 67 Moscow Avenue, Baku, AZ1012
Tel: (012) 431 47 67/87
Hotline: 955
Fax: (012) 430 28 87
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://azersu.az/

Connecting to the Water Supply

Owners of private dwelling houses shall apply in writing to “Azersu” for connection to water supply and sanitation systems.

The application should include the following documents:
1. Copy of the document confirming land allocation for the purpose of construction of concerned dwelling house.
2. Copy of applicant’s identity card.

There is no fee for getting connected.

Paying Water Bills

Household consumers shall pay, based on payment notifications, for water supply and sanitation services in the following way:

a) Bank transfer or payment in post office;
b) Payment at Paypoint terminals;
c) Via internet and by plastic cards

Non-household consumers can pay for the services rendered either by transfer to settlement account or deposit account or in cash as described above.

According to Regulations for Water Use specified in all contracts concluded with consumers for water supply and sanitation services, due period for payment is 10days. 10 days payment period is shown in all voices and notifications submitted to consumers every month by Sukanal Departments.

For online payment please visit: http://azersu.az/23-Online+Payment

Azərsu should be notified when moving home. An employee will then read the meter and collect any outstanding payment.