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8 Expat Problems That Are Just Too Real

You know you're an expat when...

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15 April 2022

Last updated on 15 April 2022
8 Expat Problems That Are Just Too Real

Being an expat comes with a lot of new exciting things. Exploring new cultures, making new friends and advancing your career are all great benefits of living life abroad. However, it doesn’t come without some challenges.

There are some experiences you know every expat goes through, so here are some from fellow expats that we’re sure you’ll find relatable!

You know when you're an expat when...

1. The time zone struggle is real.

If you have family and friends in other countries, the time zone difference can be a real pain!

2. Watching your favourite shows and live sports is such a challenge.

When you're an expat living and working abroad, you can't always turn on your favourite local channel. You either have to wait for clips on YouTube or purchase extra TV packages, and even then you might have to manage a time zone difference.

3. Sorting your personal finances while abroad will take some time.

When you're an expat in a foreign country, managing your personal finances comes with complicated challenges.

Savings accounts, international taxes, retirement accounts, benefits - and this is just naming a few of the things that will impact your finances while abroad. It's important to do as much research as possible before you move, so you can transition into your new home with a bit more ease.

4. Finding your comfort food can be hard!

You'll have to search up and down for restaurants and markets that offer food and other products that reminds you of home. Oftentimes, you might have no other choice than to order it online.

List of common expat problems

5. Sometimes, even your own language becomes a struggle.

Even if you move to a country where people speak your native language, there can still be a bit of a linguistic and cultural difference.

6. Making new friends abroad can be difficult.

Adjusting to expat life can be tough, and making expat or local friends can be a bit harder. Expats have a tendency to be transient, thus the amount of time you might spend in one place might not be enough to form life-long friendships.

There's also the language barrier to consider, which can make expat life quite isolating at times.

Common challenges new expats experience abroad

7. "And how long are you staying?"

As expats, we get that question asked often!

8. Adjusting to a new business culture can be a headache.

As a foreign expat, chances are that local businesses aren't used to your style of working.

Instead of remaining fixed on your work style, we recommend learning to be flexible, have an open mind, and don't be afraid to ask for tips from local colleagues to help you make appropriate decisions at work.

Common challenges new expats experience abroad