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How To Use This Site was established over 15 years ago and swiftly became an indispensable resource for expat women moving to and living in the UAE. We've now branched out and have a global coverage- from full websites for popular expat destinations to global country guides for the whole planet!

We are a friendly, helpful place for all you need to know about being an expat woman and living abroad.

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Our forum has been the number one forum for women in the Middle East and we are currently have expanded them globally- there will be a forum for you to join wherever you are living.

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How to use the ExpatWoman website

What you can find on

From school fees, healthcare guidance, to FAQs, driving tips and classifieds - we have everything you need to know about living in your next expat destination. Each of our 11 websites have exactly what you need to settle in and enjoy your new expatriate posting. Including:

In our country guides, you'll find FAQs, tourist information, your country's history, as well as guides on shopping and getting married here. From getting an alcohol license in the UAE, to arranging a marriage certificate in Singapore or Vietnam - you'll find our helpful, informative guides all in one place here.

Our FREE classifieds on Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar are the perfect place to sell or buy new, used and second-hand items from fellow expats living in your chosen country. There's hundreds of classifieds listings for you, covering everything from household items to maids for hire.

Find our bustling forum boards for every country site we have, plus more on education, parenthood and even pets! Any question that you might not be able to find the answer for using our guides, you can ask here - and you'll find a helpful community of expats who can help.

Here, you'll find current job vacancies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For the rest of our sites, you'll also find guides to finding a job in your expat country, interview tips and advice and also what it is like to work as an expat in your new country.

& Play
Our play section is filled with all the latest happenings and events in your country - from gigs, concerts and theatre shows to interviews and reviews for you to enjoy, find out the best of what's on in your country with our events section.

Find all you need to know about the education systems available in your new expat country; from school fees, to school ratings, curriculum and international schools - you'll find everything required to ensure your little ones settle into school and exceed.

In our money guides, find useful information and property guides, area guides as well as financial and legal matters applicable to expats in your host country. Find information on how to set-up a business too, or useful tips on relocating and removals.

Home & Car
From driving guides, to useful information on hiring a maid and home help - our home and car sections will help you settle in nicely to your new surroundings. Plus for you pet owners amongst you, find the best vets and services available for your furry friends here.

Salons & Spas
For those of you who require some R&R at the spa, you'll find the best salons and spas available in your new home with our guides. From facial care, to manicures, laser hair removal and massages - start your journey to relaxation here.

Probably one of the most important pieces of information for any expat is healthcare; insurance, hospitals, doctors and clinics and emergency services - all of what you should know in your new country is under our wellness guides. You'll also find the best of cosmetic surgery as well as fitness and slimming.