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We have full websites for the countries at the top of the list that are bursting with information, features and expert sections covering living guides, accommodation, education, health services, red tape information, regularly updated local events, a forum, a classifieds section, pets info, sightseeing and so much more.

The other countries listed below them have a guide page with all those useful things you need to know- lists of expat schools, nurseries, hospitals, visa information, expat clubs as well as links to expat blogs and features about how expat life is there and of course we have a forum you can join for interactive advice and tips.

We've been running our busy Middle East forums for 12 years and they are a wealth of information and the perfect way to connect women worldwide. Now there’s a forum for you wherever you are in the world… so hop on board and join in the conversation today!

Our Country Guides

Visit our country guides for all the information you need about moving to a new country all on one handy page. Need to know about expat schools, doctors, visa requirements, expat clubs and more? You’re in the right place! Simply click on the name of the country you are interested in and get discovering.