Zimbabwe expat guide to relocation



Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, with English, Shona and Ndebele being most common. The present territory was first demarcated by Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company during the 1890s, becoming a self-governing colony as Southern Rhodesia in 1923. President Robert Mugabe is head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Renowned as a champion for the anti-colonial cause, Mugabe is also viewed as authoritarian, and responsible for Zimbabwe's problematic human rights record and substantial economic decline.He has held power since internationally recognised independence in 1980: as head of government since 1980 and head of state since 1987.

Zimbabwe Harare

Expat Clubs

InterNations Harare City Trotters

This group is for all fun-seeking people who would like to meet up with fellow members while exploring the city and its surroundings. We will try to organize a variety of Activities, ranging from trips to the hinterland, sports, walking, adventure, and city tours to food, festivals, nightlife and arts. Let’s discover Harare’s offers together!

Website: www.internations.org/activity-group/6334

InterNations Harare Arts&Culture

This is the group for all InterNations members who want to check out the local arts & culture scene in a fun group of international people. Let´s attend arts festivals, live music events, go to the movies or start a book club!

Website: www.internations.org/activity-group/7545  

International Schools 

Harare International School

HIS is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, and the educational program is modeled along North American and International Baccalaureate (IB) guidelines. HIS is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). HIS is an IB World School and is authorized to offer the Primary Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. HIS is currently a Middle Years Programme candidate school.

Curriculum: IB

Address: 66 Pendennis Road, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 4 870 514

Mob: +263 772 423 493Email:

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.harareinternationalschool.com

Legacy Christian Academy

Legacy Christian Academy, (formerly Potters Kidz Learning Center ) has been running for over 14 years providing a unique individualized education.  This Academy started as a small home group and has grown into a well-balanced school life for students with good Christian values.

Address: 60 Queen Elizabeth Road, Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 (4) 49 23 49

Mob: +263 (0) 779 949 197/8

Email : [email protected]

Email : [email protected]

Website: www.legacychristianacademyzim.com

Celebration International School Zimbabwe

Mission Statement : We intentionally develop students who are sought out globally for university because of their “can do” mindset, character, ability and willingness to lead.

Address: 162 Swan Drive, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 77 214 0979

Email: [email protected]

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/pages/Celebration-International-School-Zimbabwe/159866140726423?sk=timeline

Deluxe Junior School

Deluxe Junior School provides excellent, cutting edge primary school education. It focuses on the whole child in their learning journey. The approach to the whole learnin process is meant to create interest considering that modern day pupils are faced with too many distractions. So basically the tools used to introduce and deliver lessons have to capture the interest of the pupils.

Tel: +263 77 306 9741

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/deluxejuniorschool.co.zw/info

Local News in English

New Zimbabwe

New Zimbabwe.com is the online edition of The New Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s weekly tabloid newspaper published in the United Kindom.

Website: www.newzimbabwe.com

News Day

AMH is an independent media house free from political ties or outside influence.

We have four newspapers: The Zimbabwe Independent, a business weekly published every Friday, The Standard, a weekly published every Sunday, and NewsDay, Southern Eye -our daily newspapers. Each has an online edition. In addition to that we have MyClassifieds, an online classifieds platform.

Website: www.newsday.co.zw/about-us

Country Information 

Location: Africa

Capital City: Harare

Other Important Cities: Bulawayo

Currency: Zimbabwean dollar - was in use until recently however due to the inflation rates most have switched to the USD

Language: English

Calling Code: +263

Internet TLD: .zw

Electricity: 220V 50Hz

Emergency Numbers:   999


Country Information


Embassy Information

Use this website to get a full list of the embassies in Zimbabwe...


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

The Department of Immigration in Zimbabwe has all the information regarding visas and immigration. www.zimimmigration.gov.zw/index.php/permits/permanent-residence

Who is eligible to receive permanent residence?

  • A person who has resided or lived in Zimbabwe for a continuous period o five years on a residence permit or on a dependant residence permit is eligible for permanent residence application. However, this does not apply to a holder of a Temporary Employment Permit.
  • Employees of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), those on Government to government agreement contracts and on Diplomatic posting, do not qualify for permanent residence regardless of having lived in Zimbabwe for a continuous period of five years or more.
  • Expatriates working for the Government must have their applications supported by the line Ministry.

Resumption of residence


  • A permanent resident who has been absent from Zimbabwe for a continuous period not exceeding five years may apply for resumption of residence.
  • Proof of previous lawful residence and evidence of financial means should be supplied.



  • A non refundable statutory fee of US$500.00 on submission of application.
  • Applications are not considered while applicants are in the country.
  • Two passport size photographs certified true likeness of applicant are required in all cases.
  • In the case of married couples, divorcees and widows, marriage, divorce and death certificates are required respectively.
  • A valid Radiological Certificate confirming applicant is free from active pulmonary tuberculosis is required.
  • NB: All requisite documents are to be submitted in duplicate.


Look for accommodation by word of mouth and through certified real estate agencies. Make sure that you are moving to a safe area or an area where many expats live. Living in the city centre and outside of it does not make much difference with regards to rent prices. A three bedroom house will cost around USD900 per month, while a 1 bedroom apartment will cost somewhere in the region of USD350.

Real Estate Agents

Property.co.zw | www.property.co.zw

Pam Golding Zimbabwe | www.pamgolding.co.za/real-estate/zimbabwe/property-sales-rentals

Seef |  www.seeff.co.zw

Zimbabwe Classifieds | www.classifieds.co.zw/category/16/Property-Sales-Rentals.html

Driving License

The corruption in Zimbabwe is at such a large scale that you can literally buy a driving license legally at the moment. Many expats choose to drive using their own driving license. Click here for Zimbabwe’s traffic department www.transcom.gov.zw/about-motcid/sample-sites-2/transportation-management/vehicle


The healthcare in Zimbabwe was once one of the best systems in Africa. These days it leaves much to be desired. Expats are advised to have a good health insurance plan and a medical evacuation plan. They can go to nearby South Africa to receive treatment.


Trauma Centre & Hospital Harare

Trauma Centre & Hospital Harare is led by Dr Vivek Solanki and is based in Zimbabwe. Dr Vivek Solanki, a Medical Practitioner with 25 years’ experience in Woman’s Wellness, Emergency Care, Airport Clinics and Travel Vaccinations; has been building Well Woman Clinics, Emergency Clinics, Emergency Call Centres and Hospitals in Africa for the past 23 years including in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Address: 15 Lanark Road, Belgravia, Harare

Tel: +263 4 700666/7  / +263 4 707072 / +263 4 705691

24 Hour Advisory Line:   +263 773333691

Fax: +263 4 700668

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.traumacentrehospital.com


Mpilo Central Hospital Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Address: Vera Road, Box 2096, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 9 72011/9

Avenues Clinic

Address: First Floor Suite 14, 13 Baines Avenue, Harare

Tel: +263 4 73 8631

Howard Hospital

Address: Fourth street, Harare

Tel: +263 02 634758 2433