Tourist SIM Cards in Dubai: Where to Get One and Package Prices |

Tourist SIM Cards in Dubai: Where to Get One and Package Prices

From where to get a tourist SIM card in Dubai to how much a tourist SIM card costs, we answer your questions in this handy guide

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28 May 2024

Last updated on 30 May 2024
Tourist SIM cards in Dubai guide

Your complete guide to getting a tourist SIM card in Dubai.

Stay connected during your trip in Dubai and explore freely with a tourist SIM card!

Using a travel SIM card means no more roaming fees, easy access to local UAE maps, and instant sharing of your adventures with loved ones and friends.

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There are several options available for Dubai tourist SIM cards, so you can keep in touch, find the best spots, and make the most of every moment during your trip in Dubai.

Where to get a tourist SIM card in Dubai?

Visitors to Dubai can purchase a physical tourist SIM card or travel eSIM from any of these local providers:

  • Etisalat
  • Du
  • Virgin Mobile UAE

Tourist SIM card packages in Dubai are available at any official kiosks, and can be found at the airport, in shopping centres, at select Dubai metro stations, inside or near supermarkets, etc. A representative is usually available to help guide you through the SIM card options and installation process.

Some also offer the option to purchase a tourist SIM package online before your arrival in the UAE, so you can pick it up at the airport or their retail store.

How to get a Dubai tourist mobile SIM?

Tourist SIM card packages in Dubai

Du tourist SIM card

Du offers free SIM cards for tourists coming into the UAE at either Dubai International Airport (any terminal) or Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC).

Simply ask for the free tourist SIM at the immigration counter, which includes complimentary 1GB mobile data for the first 24 hours. Visitors can continue using the free Du tourist SIM by recharging it any Du kiosk, at Dubai Duty Free (Arrivals area), or through the Du app.

If you didn't get the free tourist SIM card at the Dubai airports, you can still purchase one after Passport Control at the the Arrivals area, via the Du app, any Du retail store, or from a Du kiosk. Packages start from AED 49, which includes 2GB of data and 30 flexi minutes (valid for 28 days).

Etisalat tourist SIM card

Visitors can also get a free Dubai tourist SIM card from Etisalat called the Visitor Line, which provides 1GB data with a 24-hour validity.

Their tourist SIM card packages starts from AED 49 - this includes 2GB data and 30 flexi minutes (valid for 28 days), and can be purchased through Etisalat's official website, retail stores, or at a local kiosk.

The Visitor Line SIM card is exclusively for travellers visiting the UAE on a short-term basis.

Dubai tourist SIM cards guide

Virgin Mobile UAE

Travellers can stay connected while in Dubai with Virgin Mobile UAE's tourist SIM card, with packages starting from AED 150 which includes 21GB data (maximum cap of 3GB usage per day), 30 local minutes, and 20 international minutes (valid for 7 days).

You can purchase your Dubai visitor SIM card plan through Virgin Mobile UAE's official website or at any of their kiosks.

Can I reuse the same tourist SIM card on my next trip to Dubai?

No, Dubai tourist SIM cards will eventually expire. If you'll be visiting Dubai again in the future, you can either receive a SIM card at Passport Control or purchase a new travel SIM at any Etisalat, Du, or Virgin Mobile UAE outlet.

Are post-paid tourist SIM cards available in Dubai?

No, post-paid tourist SIM cards are not available in Dubai. Each service provider offers different tourist SIM card packages at different price points, but all of these are pre-paid only for visitors.

Post-paid options are available for UAE citizens and expat residents.