Best and Worst Countries for New Expats to Get Started Abroad |

Best and Worst Countries for New Expats to Get Started Abroad

These are the best and worst destinations to start a new life abroad as an expat, as ranked and rated by fellow expats

Best and Worst Countries to Get Started Abroad for New Expats

An estimated 12,000 expats around the world across 180+ countries participated in the recent study.

One of the first questions to consider when planning a new chapter in your life as an expatriate is, "Where should I move to?".

When it comes to dealing with essentials like the local language and finding accommodation, foreigners will find that some countries are harder to adjust to than others.

A new ranking of the best and worst destinations where expats may struggle the most has been released by InterNations.

The study is based on the Expat Essentials Index of the Expat Insider Survey, taking into account some of the most important elements of starting a new life abroad:

  • Ease of housing (local housing affordability and ease of finding a new house abroad as an expat)
  • Language barriers (e.g., ease of learning the local language and getting around without having to know the local language)
  • Digital life (e.g., ease of obtaining digital services such as personal Wi-Fi and mobile sim cards, unrestricted online access, ease of paying without cash, etc.)
  • Administrative tasks (e.g., opening a new bank account or getting a visa in that country as a foreigner)

Read on for the top and bottom destinations to live and work in if you are an expat looking to start a new life abroad there.

Top 10 Best Countries for New Expats

Over 50 countries were included in the study, and the following countries ranked as the best places to get started abroad as an expat.

  1. Bahrain (highest ranked)
  2. The United Arab Emirates
  3. Singapore
  4. Estonia
  5. Oman
  6. Indonesia
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Qatar
  9. Kenya
  10. Canada

These countries were ranked as the top 10, as expats found better housing options, easier access to digital services, fewer bureaucratic issues, little to no language barrier while living there.

10 Worst Countries for New Expats

According to the study, these countries ranked as the bottom 10 places for new expats to live in, as expats currently living there have struggled the most with getting adjusted.

  1. Germany (lowest ranked)
  2. Japan
  3. China
  4. Kuwait
  5. Italy
  6. Greece
  7. Vietnam
  8. Czechia
  9. France
  10. Malta
  11. Please Note:

    The study is based on whether an expat may struggle with a new life in that country due to certain elements. The study does not take into account safety, work and study opportunities, etc. Some countries in the bottom list, such as Japan and Vietnam, are very safe countries for expats.