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10 Amazing Things To Do In Iceland

Here are all the best things to do in Iceland on your next visit!

House in Husavik

Going to explore a new country, or even returning to a familiar one, we often find ourselves wanting to explore the territory and explore fun, new things to do! For a lot of people Iceland is a far away mystery that you read about and sometimes see on some or other new series but very few people actually go to visit.

Iceland is, however, a place of wonder with gorgeous natural sights and fun adventures waiting for you. Yes, Iceland is indeed quite a wonder to visit that will keep you busy time and again with something new to enjoy or somewhere new to explore. Even if you go just once, it is a destination that you need to add to your bucket list, or dare we even say consider calling it home?

Here are 10 of ExpatWoman’s favourite things to do in Iceland:

1. Deep Sea Diving

Of course the mainland of Iceland is beautiful and a must visit, but if you have ever gone diving before, then you will understand why we started this list with diving. As you descend deeper into the water, it is like you are entering a whole new world filled with magic and wonder.

Iceland is no exception with its own unique underwater nature and sea life. Prepare yourself to get really, really cold! But also to see numerous new species. Newbie or a seasoned water baby, the trainers will help and guide you through the whole process with numerous locations and packages available.

2. Become Lord of the Seven Kingdoms

If you are a diehard Game of Thrones fan then Iceland is the perfect destination for you! Discover where some of the scenes were shot from the popular TV series Game of Thrones. You can either map out your route yourself and take a weekend to explore the numerous locations, or you can go with a tour group and get some behind the scenes information and stories.

Game of Thrones shooting locations

3. Brewery Tour in Reykjavik

Take a day from your visit to Iceland to go for a brewery tour, or five… Reykjavik has numerous breweries that you can go to for tours and beer tasting. We especially recommend the Olegerdin Brewery Tour – they specialise in craft beer and the tour will give you valuable insights into Icelandic history and their unique drinking culture.

Although not for kids, this will be a fun day with many memorable and possibly embarrassing stories!

4. Take a Viking Tour in the Westman Islands

Vikings use to roam in the South West part of Iceland and you can go and discover where they use to live! A Viking tour to Vestmanneayjar promises beautiful volcanic scenery and a large birdlife population. You can even opt to spend the night on the island if you wish!

5. Fjadrargljufar Canyon – the photographer’s dream

Fjadrargljufar Canyon, meaning Feather River Canyon is bound to take your breath away as you view the sights of the gorgeous green mountains and river flowing through the canyon. This is the one destination that you want to make sure you remember to take your camera with you.

The canyon is located in the southeastern parts of Iceland. It is 100m deep and about 2 kilometres long.

Fjadrargljufar Canyon

6. Volcano Road-Trip

Rent a car for the day and prepare yourself for a road-trip of exploring the countryside, making countless stops to explore different volcanos. Askja, Hekla, Bardarbunga, and Grimsvotn are especially worth a visit.

If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can always opt to go with a tour company to enjoy the sights.

7. Laugaveger Hiking Trail

If you are fit and hike frequently then we would definitely recommend going to explore the Laugaveger Hiking Trail. The 4-day trek is not for the faint but offers beautiful natural scenery and ample time to reflect and think. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely a must do for any nature lover.

8. Visit Hafnarfjordur – one of the oldest Islandic communities

Hafnarfjordur is the third-most populated city in Iceland and one of the oldest communities. It is a port town that is known as the town of lava. One of the big events to attend at the town is the annual Viking festival in June.

9. Snorkel at a Tectonic Plate (Silfra)

This is a truly unique experience as snorkelling in Silfra entails snorkelling between two continents. Silfra is located directly at the rift between the North American and European tectonic plates. It is located just 40 minutes outside Reykjavik. Snorkelling experiences are available for both young and old for all diving levels.

10. Black Sand Beaches

Imagine some of the most hauntingly beautiful beaches that you have ever seen in your life! The volcanic island, Iceland has numerous black sand beaches. The beaches are cold but very photogenic, especially at sunset and can be the perfect photo opportunity. Whether you are a photographer or just want to see something unique then you need to go to one of the beaches! We can especially recommend visiting Reynisfjara and Reynisdrangar.

Black Sand Beaches in Iceland

No matter the adventure that you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it in Iceland! There are hundreds of unforgettable adventures and breath-taking destinations to go and search for in the country.

Here are another 90 of the best things to do in Iceland if you want a couple more ideas of what to do!