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The largest of the Scandinavian group, Sweden is an open and welcoming country. It’s long trading history is evident even today. Expats in the capital Stockholm are greeted with contrasting landscapes and architecture that make Sweden distinct from its neighbors. If you’re willing to find out that there’s more to Sweden than chic, economical furniture, have a look through our guide with bits of information you may need.

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Expat Clubs

American Women's Club Malmö

The American Women's Club Malmö was founded November 1997 by our first President, Lisa Richter-Fagerberg, to bring together Americans residing in Sweden and those with ties to America, for the purpose of gaining companionship, support and friendship among their fellow club members.

Website: www.awcmalmo.com

PWN Stockholm

PWN Stockholm is the Swedish branch of PWN Global. Our mission is to promote the development of women in business. We bring together women at various levels from a variety of businesses and professions, from multinational companies to small companies and entrepreneurs.

Our objective is to provide cross-generational networking, experience sharing, and a leadership training platform to international professional women based in the greater Stockholm area. We are continuously growing and have over 50 active members.

PWN is for all professional women who reside or move to Stockholm, Sweden and are interested to connect with other international women whether it is networking, mentoring, advancing career or purely networking.

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://pwnstockholm.net/

American Women's Club Stockholm

Founded in 1911, the American Women's Club in Stockholm is the second oldest American Women's Club outside the United States. The American Women's Club in Stockholm provides a sense of fellowship to Americans living abroad. The club sponsors activity groups, luncheons, holiday activities, museum tours, trips, evening events, and volunteer activities. We offer support groups and a variety of fun activities for our members.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.awcstockholm.org


Canadian Club of Sweden

The Canadian Club of Sweden is for Canadians and all others who have a connection or interest in Canada and Canadians. We arrange many activities during the year, some in accordance with Swedish customs, some in celebration of our Canadian heritage. Our Canada Day Picnic is always a special family gathering, as is our Thanksgiving dinner. We meet and celebrate Christmas, Valborg, and Midsummer.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.canclub.org


English Speaking Community Club

The English Speaking Community Club (ESCC) was founded in Stockholm in 1979. It is a non-profit organization oriented toward the educational, cultural, and social needs of Sweden's English-speaking community.The majority of members are from English-speacking countries, namely the U.S.A. and British Commonwealth, but the club welcomes anyone with an interest in the English language.

Address: ESCC Box 3228, 10364 Stockholm, Sweden

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.escc.se


Expat Contact - Stockholm

A club for young expat professionals and former expats

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.expatcontact.com/?id=11&ty=ci



The International Club of Skåne is a non-profit, voluntary organisation open to expatriates and returning Swedes living in Skåne. Through its unique network of international individuals from all over the world, ICS aims to bridge cultural barriers and establish new friendships and activities for Skåne's expatriates and repatriates. At present (January 2007) we have 120 families from 30 countries as members.

Website: www.icskane.com


International Women's Club of Gothenburg

Today the IWC has over 160 active members originating from 37 different cultures. We are truly an International club and hope to see you at an event soon.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iwcgothenburg.com


International Women's Club of Stockholm

Founded in 1961, The International Women's Club of Stockholm (IWC) is a social organization serving 400 members of 65 different nationalities. The Club's main objectives are to welcome women who have recently arrived in Sweden and to help further their knowledge and understanding of this country.

Address: Box 7301, 103 90 Stockholm, Sweden

Email: [email protected]

Website: iwcstockholm.se


Kiwis in Sweden

The New Zealand Sweden Society was founded in 1980 by a group of New Zealander´s living in Sweden who thought that social and cultural exchange´s would help the integration of all new kiwi´s landing in Sweden. Today there are over 200 people registered with the Kiwiclub.se and there are several hundred New Zealander´s living all over Sweden.

Tel: +46 8 53 02 02 84

Website: www.kiwiclub.se


Mums In Sweden

Friendly online community for English-speaking mothers living in or with connections to Sweden

Website: www.mumsinsweden.com


The American Club of Sweden

Originally founded in 1905, the American Club of Sweden is based on the principle of promoting the American spirit of hospitality and cooperation in Sweden. Today the Club continues to promote the American spirit of hospitality and cooperation in Sweden through networking, and the interchange of knowledge, customs and ideas. The Club provides frequent opportunities for interaction through its varied social programs.

Address: Box 163 46 Stockholm SE-103 26 Sweden

Tel: +46 8-559 21 709

Website: www.amclubsweden.org


The American Women's Club of Gothenburg

AWCG is [part of the larger FAWCO or Federation of American Women’s Club Overseas. The club hosts get-togethers, meetings classes and other meaningful activities for any expat in Sweden.

Website: www.awcgothenburg.com

International Schools 

Stockholm International School

They are re the premier educational choice of the globally mobile diplomatic, business and research community in Stockholm. The school has over 80% of international students and international teaching staff.

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Address: Johannesgatan 18, SE-111 38 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 (08) 412 4000

Fax: +46 (08) 412 4001

Website: www.intsch.se


Sigtuna School

SSHL is a national boarding school in accordance with the Education Act, chapter 29, sections 15 and 16. Our primary charge is to provide “Swedish students both from home and abroad with a high-quality, rigorous education in a boarding school setting”.

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Address: Manfred Björkquist allé 8, 193 31 Sigtuna, Sweden

Tel: +46 8-592 571 00

Fax: +46 8-592 572 50

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.sshl.se


British International School of Stockholm

The British International School of Stockholm is situated on two sites in the leafy residential suburb of Djursholm, just 15 minutes from central Stockholm. It provides a high-quality, broad education for up to 500 children, from 3 to 16 years of age (currently to 13, extending to 16 by 2017) and from more than 45 nationalities.

Curriculum: British

Address (Altorp): Östra Valhallavägen 17, 182 68 Djursholm, SWEDEN

Address (Ekeby): Rinkebyvägen 4, 182 36 Danderyd, SWEDEN

Tel: +46 8 755 2375

Fax: +46 8 755 2635

Email: [email protected]

FB: www.facebook.com/BISStockholm

Website: www.britishinternationalprimaryschool.se


The International School of Gothenburg Region

ISGR (incorporating IHGR) is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the full continuum of education including the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. ISGR also offers the Swedish National Curriculum from kindergarten to grade 9 taught in Swedish but with an international profile, and grades 10 to 12 through IHGR, taught in English.

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate, Swedish National Curriculum

Address (Gotaberg): Molinsgatan 6, 411 33 Göteborg

Tel: +46 31-708 92 00

Fax: +46 31-708 92 01


Address (Guldheden): Guldhedsgatan 6, 413 20 Göteborg

Tel: +46 31-708 92 50

Fax: +46 31-708 92 51

Website; www.isgr.se

Local News in English

The Local

The Local is a daily news site that covers Swedish events and happenings including regional stories.

Website: www.thelocal.se


The Wire

The Swedish Wire is an independent news web site about Sweden's business, politics and current affairs – in English.

Website: www.swedishwire.com

Country Information 

Location: Europe

Capital City: Stockholm

Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)

Language: Swedish

Calling Code: +46

Internet TLD: .se

Electricity: Sweden runs on 230V 50Hz. One of main providers of electricity in Sweden is Vattenfall.

Address: SE-169 92 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 8 739 50 00

Fax. +46 8 17 85 06

Emergency Numbers:    National Emergency : 112 police: 11414


Country Information


Embassy Information

If you're looking for a local embassy in Sweden, check this website out, we found it really helpful in our search...


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Visitors who wish to travel to Sweden for short-term visits like tourism must obtain a Schengen visa from a Swedish embassy or consulate, unless they come from a country where exemptions apply. The Swedish government website has listed countries and their respective visa regulations and exemptions: www.government.se/government-policy/migration/information-on-visas/

Expats who wish to live and/or work in Sweden will have to obtain a residence permit and work permit. A Residence Permit for Visit allows the bearer to stay in the country for more than 90 days. This can be applied for in the Swedish embassy or consulate.

Documents required, must be 2 sets of:
  • Residence Permit for visitor’s application form (#165011) or 2 copies of Application for Child under 18 (#167011), completed, signed and dated, including detailed contact information.
  • Notarized copies of the pages of your passport that show your identity and the validity of your passport. Also include copies of any other permits in your passport.
  • Bank statement.
  • Return ticket.
  • Appendix D: Family Details Appendix for Applicants (form #239011)
  • A confirmation letter from your insurance company stating clearly that you have international insurance for:

             - any emergency medical expenses

             - emergency hospital treatment

             - repatriation for medical reasons

From the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC websitesite: www.swedenabroad.com/en-GB/Embassies/Washington/Work--Live-in-Sweden/Residence-Permit-to-Visit/


Looking for accommodations in Sweden is challenging yet the standards and quality of residential units are high. Some units come with kitchen appliances, heating and high speed internet access. Prices are also competitive, as the rental market is regulated. Expats have choices between apartments, houses and accommodation sharing. Apartment rentals are the most common and popular among expats. It’s more likely they will come unfurnished with basic kitchen and bathroom fixtures in place. Houses will be more prominent outside of the main cities and in the suburbs and rural neighborhoods. Shared accommodation is also a popular choice for expats on a budget. These listings are found on the Internet, and some are advertised in classifieds, newspapers and popular city landmarks.

Expats have a choice between signing up at the Bostadsfomedlingen, a regulatory authority that distributes vacant properties to would-be tenants, which also means a long waiting list. The other option for expats is going to a private housing company who holds second-hand rentals (tenants are not directly renting from the owner). These are much quicker and require less paperwork.

Deposits are made up of 1 month rent, and refundable at the end of the contract. Three months’ notice is also required before moving and vacating the premises. Utilities are often included in the rental price.

Much of the expat population in Sweden is situated in Stockholm. Stockholm is both modern and traditional. It is the economic, political, and cultural center of Sweden. Cost of living in this city is high, meaning the accommodations are also steep; a single bedroom can cost between $737 to $1,278 per month.  That’s why residents opt to live farther from the center of the bustle, into the greener, quiet suburbs. The area of Danderyd is popular with expats as it’s not too far and not too close to the city center. Also an international school is right in its vicinity. Ekero is another quiet area good for expats with families. 

Driving License

Expats may use their domestic license to drive legally in Sweden as long as it’s valid. This provision is good for only a year. After that, expats must apply for a Swedish driving license. Swiss and Japanese nationals may exchange their domestic license for a local one. Others will have to go through the process of license application at the Swedish Transport Agency. An eye test is required upon application. A permission form must be sent to TRaffikverket.

Applicants will have to take driving lessons and attend several trainings. After this, a theory and practical test will be administered. Upon successful completion, the driving license will be released to the applicant.

Swedish Transport Agency

Address: Olai Kyrkogata 35, Norrköping

Email: [email protected]

Swedish driving rules site: korkortonline.se/english


The quality of healthcare facilities and services in Sweden are high standard and are lauded as one of the best in the world. The distribution of medical personnel to patient is also good, which means maximized and efficient treatment is given all the time. The public healthcare system in the country is competent; hospitals, clinics and institutions are clean and safe. Emergency services are reliable. EEA and Swiss patients are entitled to free medical care; for other nationals this can be expensive. A comprehensive health insurance that can cover costs of medical treatment is strongly advised.

Insurance Company

April International

APRIL International, specialists in expat insurance for over 35 years, will support you as you go abroad to live in Sweden. The insurance solutions on offer are flexible to meet your needs and include medical expenses, repatriation assistance, personal liability, death and disability benefits and income protection. It takes just a few clicks to get a quote for expat insurance in Sweden.

Website: en.april-international.com/global/destination/expat-insurance-sweden




Orebro University Hospital

Together with the hospitals in Lindesberg and Karlskoga, the hospital offer specialized somatic care to the county's 280,000 inhabitants, roughly 190,000 of whom get their care at Örebro University Hospital.

Address: 701 85 Örebro, Sweden

Tel: 019-602 10 00


Stockholm South General Hospital – Södersjukhuset

Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) provides emergency medical care to half a million Stockholmers. Each year, close to 90, 000 people come here for emergency treatment, some 47, 000 patients are hospitalised and about 7, 000 children are delivered.

Address: Sjukhusbacken 10, SE-118 83 Stockholm

Tel: +46 8 616 10 00


Skane University Hospital

Skåne University Hospital was formed formally on 1 January 2010. This mergerof two university hospitals in Malmo and Lund strengthened clinical research and the university healthcare service in Skåne gained increased competitiveness from a Swedish and international perspective. 

Address (Malmo): Södra Förstadsgatan 101, Malmo, Sweden

Address (Lund): Getingevägen 4, Lund, Sweden

Tel: +46(0)40 - 33 10 00, +46(0)46-17 10 00

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.skane.se


Danderyds Hospital

Address: Stockholm Care AB, Box 12134, Stockholm, 102 24, Sweden

Tel: +46  8 656 4641

Fax: +46 8 656 1299


Karolinska University Hospital

Address: Solna, Stockholm, 171 77, Sweden

Tel: +46  8 728 6400

Fax: +46 8 31 8406


St. Erik's Eye Hospital

Address: Polhemsgatan 50, Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46  8 672 2400

Fax: +46 8 672 4924


St. Gerans Hospital

Address: Box 12134, Stockholm, 102 24, Sweden

Tel: +46  8 672 2400

Fax: +46 8 672 4924