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The landlocked country of Paraguay shares borders with Argentina and Brazil. There isn’t a stark contrast between Paraguay and its neighbors when it comes to metropolitan air and atmosphere, yet foreigners will find the country more serene, less hectic. Time seems to slow down in Paraguay, not because it is less modern than the rest of South America, but because life is simple. Dotted with farmlands and other agricultural areas, Paraguay retains its rustic feel, which foreigners looking for an less urban escape, will adore. If Paraguay is you next expat destination, check out some bit of info on your way.


Expat Clubs

Association of Immigrants in Paraguay

They are a growing community of Ex-Patriots, Re-Patriots and Locals whose mission is to help one another assimilate to the culture while helping the community grow thus helping the country grow. Their directory is comprised of Professionals and individuals whose experience add value to the mission of the community.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.aiparaguay.org

International Schools 

American School of Asuncion

The American School of Asunción, a bilingual learning community of Paraguayan and international families, offers an early childhood through college-preparatory program. ASA adheres to the highest standards of educational excellence from the United States and Paraguay while fostering a student-centered and caring environment. ASA is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Paraguay (MEC) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) from the United States.

Curriculum: American, Paraguayan

Address: Avenida España 1175, P.O. Box 10.093, Asunción, Paraguay

Tel: +595-21 603-518

Fax: +595-21 663-678

Website: www.asa.edu.py


Pan American International School PAIS

The Pan American International School offers instruction to students in grades Kinder 3 through grade 12. It provides a curriculum in the English language based upon an international model, with specific courses in Spanish as applicable to those students who may wish to meet the Paraguayan Ministry of Education and Culture requirement for entrance into Paraguayan Unversities.

Curriculum: American. Advance Placement

Address: Calle America esq. 2da. Capital de la Republica, Urb. Loma Merlo. Luque, Paraguay

Tel: +595 21 645 470/2/3

Website: www.pais.edu.py

Local News in English

Merco Press

MercoPress is an independent news agency started in 1993 which focuses on delivering news related to the Mercosur trade and political bloc, and member countries, covering an area of influence which includes South America, the South Atlantic and insular territories.

Website: en.mercopress.com

Country Information 

Location: South America

Capital City: Asunción

Currency: Guarani

Language: Spanish, Guarani

Calling Code: +595

Internet TLD: .py

Electricity: Paraguay runs on 220V 50Hz. The country’s electricity is produced, distributed and transmitted by the state-owned Administracion Nacional de Electricidad ANDE.

Address: España 1268 casi Padre Cardozo, Asunción, Paraguay

Tel: +595 21 211001/20

Website: www.ande.gov.py

Emergency Numbers:

Emergency: 911

Fire, Accidents: 131, 132

Country Information


Embassy Information


Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Nationals from certain territories including Central and South America and most of the EU may enter and stay in the country for up to 90 days. North America, Russia and Australia may obtain visas upon arrival. Other nationals will need to obtain a visa through a Paraguayan embassy or consulate in their home or host country. 

Tourist and business visas are issued in embassies and consulates. Residence and working visas are normally arranged while in Paraguay. Documents should be legalized through a Paraguayan consulate from where they were issued.

Documents Required:
  • Identification Document (passport or other);
  • Police or Court Records of the country of origin of the applicant; *
  • Birth Certificate; *
  • Civil State Certificate; (married, divorced, separated, widowed); *
  • Health Certificate from the country of origin or of last residence; *
  • Consular tourist visa for the countries that require it;
  • Economic solvency statement, that may be proven as follows:

             o Deposit in a bank in Paraguay in the amount of at least five thousand dollars (U$D 5.000.-) in a savings or current account in the name of the applicant or its equivalent in local currency or any other currency at the date of the proceedings;

             o Real Estate property deed of a property located in Paraguay; or

             o University Diploma attached or work contract in Paraguay with the indication of the amount to be received as fees or salary. A commercial license will not be accepted.*

These documents must be legalised at the Paraguayan consulate in the country of origin. The identification document does not require legalisation.

Fpr more information please visit the Paraguay Embassy in the UK site >> 


The cost of living in Paraguay is low, particularly housing. Single bedroom apartment rent averages from $169 to $290 per month, while three bedrooms go for $406 to $681 per month depending on their location and surrounding amenities. There aren’t a lot of employment opportunities for expats in the country; most foreigners stay for short-term missionary work and volunteering.

Asuncion, the capital, is the central economic political and cultural hub of the country. Expats will find the city seeming deserted especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Paraguay is less densely populated unlike its neighbors. Asuncion also has commercial establishments like shopping malls, department stores, cafes, fast food restaurants as such which are open throughout the week. 

Driving License

Expats may use a domestic and international license to drive legally in the country. For longer stays, it would be recommended to obtain a Paraguayan license. Applications are done through the City Halls in each town; documents and requirements vary.

Driving can be hazardous in Paraguay as road infrastructures are either cobblestoned or filled in with asphalt. Local drivers are known to ignore traffic signals, and most do not have car insurance. During rainy season, the roads become impassable. Night driving is also not recommended; roads are poorly lit and hazards such as animals and unwary pedestrians are common.


Facilities and services are limited to the capital. Adequate healthcare for routine and basic medical cases are available however for serious, complex treatments are referred abroad. Expats are advised to get a comprehensive health insurance that can cover or reimburse medical costs including medical evacuation and repatriation.


Insurance Companies


Cigna Global Health Options

Cigna Global Health Options specialise in providing expatriate health plans that are designed to give comprehensive overseas medical cover for people who are living and working abroad. They provide medical evacuation insurance cover.

Website: www.cignaglobal.com


MSH International ASFE

For twenty years, ASFE has designed and managed international healthcare insurance solutions for all mobile individuals:
  • Expatriates living abroad alone or with their families,
  • Students, interns and young people with "Working Holiday Visas",
  • Self-employed persons or company employees,
  • Seniors.

Website: www.asfe-expat.com




Centro Medico La Costa

Address: Artigas 1500, y Concepcion Leyes de Chavez, Asuncion, Paraguay

Tel: +595  21 595 202 800

Website (Spanish): www.lacosta.com.py


Senatorio San Roque S.A.

The hospital is the leading health center medical services in the region. It offers high complexity medicine and the most comprehensive range of clinical specialties in addition to the most important surgical center in the area.

Address: Eligio Ayala 1383 y Pai Perez, Asuncion, 1383, Paraguay

Tel: +595  21 228 600, + 595 (0) 21 212 499

Website (Spanish): sanatoriosanroque.com


Centro Medico Bautista

Address: Hospital Bautista, Avenida Republica Argentina, Asuncion, Paraguay

Tel: +595  21 600 171

Fax: +595 21 602 212


Sanatorio Americano

Address: Av Espana 935, Asuncion, Paraguay

Tel: +595  21 213 492