Guide for expats living in Nepal



Nepal sits at the crossroads of India and China, lending two distinctly different cultural nuances to the Himalayan heritage. What it produced, although sharing traces of its neighbors’ flavor charm, is unique. Nepal has the tallest tourist and expat magnet, Mt. Everest. This splendid work of nature commands the respect and determination of mountaineers, trekkers and other adventure types. But of course, Nepal is more than just Mt. Everest. If you’re one to finding out and unraveling Nepal, here are some valuable information to get you started. 


Expat Clubs

The Women’s Foundation Nepal

The mission of The Women’s Foundation Nepal (WFN) is to work towards a violence-free society by helping women and children in Nepal who are victims of violence, abuse and poverty.

Address: Boudha, Kathmandu

Tel: +977 1 4914370, +977 1 4914280

Email: [email protected]



Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal

FWEAN established in 2003 is the apex body of WEAN established in 1989 and works at establishing subsidiary chapters in all 75 districts. FWEAN is a not-for profit, non political organization aiming at representing the collective efforts and voice of women entrepreneurs in the economic progress of the nation and has been playing an influencing role in advocating for the needs and rights of women entrepreneurs in key decision making forums at national and international levels.

Address: Ramshah Path, Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977-01-2003080,

Fax: +977-01-4239942

Email: [email protected]


International Schools 

The Lincoln School Katmandú

Lincoln School  offers a program geared toward mainstream students who will eventually attend university, whether in the United States or elsewhere. The American style curriculum seeks to remain abreast of current educational theory and practice while including host country studies and field study opportunities as appropriate.  Computer, music, art, and physical education are part of every child's educational program with French, Spanish, and Personal Wellness also offered to middle and high school students. High school offerings include AP classes.

Curriculum: American

Address: P.O. Box 2673, Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal  

Tel: +977 1-4270482

Fax: +977 1-427-2685

Email: [email protected]



Rupy’s International School

Rupy's International School is an English medium International Standard School. The school has been recognized by the Nepal Government. Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an International Pre-School, Primary School, Middle School for the benefit of the international and local communities in Nepal. The primary school and middle school follow international standard syllabus.

Curriculum: CBSE

Address: Bafal, Tahachal, Kathmandu

Tel: +977-1-4282907,+977-1-4270540

Fax: +977-1-4283418



The British School of Kathmandu

The school is well established and has a very good reputation. The introduction of a Sixth Form in 2004, with students studying the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A Level, completed the process of becoming a 3 to 18 independent international British school. The school is recognised internationally, by way of FOBISIA membership and through regular Ofsted-assured inspections.

Curriculum: British



Chelsea International

Chelsea International Academy established in the year 2005, has been focusing on Pre-Primary school, Primary School, Secondary through Montessori method and Cambridge GCE A-Level at present. Chelsea Int’l Academy is committed to help students who want to achieve both academic excellence as well as practical work experience during the course of their studies.

Curriculum: British

Address: Lakhe Chaur Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Tel: 4472902, 4499662, 4483212, 4490349

Fax: 4490446

Email: [email protected]



Premier International School

Premier International School is a sister organization of Montessori Kinderworld and Nepal Montessori Training Centre (NMTC), the pioneer in professional Montessori training in Nepal. The school was established on demand of the parents to extend the good school culture that we have been successfully delivering through our pre-schools and to fulfill the demand of quality elementary as well as high school in the capital.

Curriculum: Montessori

Address: Khumaltar Height, Satdobato, Lalitpur

Tel: 5528032, 5549849, 5549773

Fax: 5549693

Email: [email protected]


Local News in English

The Himalayan Times

Includes excerpts from the English language daily, including news, views, sports, business, and entertainment.



Nepali Times

Nepali Times is an English language weekly newspaper published by Himalmedia Private Limited.


News from Nepal as it happens. Check for the latest on Nepali politics, business, society and sports.


Country Information 

Location: Asia

Capital City: Katmandú

Other Important Cities: Pokhara

Currency: Rupee

Language: Nepalí

Calling Code: +977

Internet TLD: .np

Electricity: Nepal runs on 230V 50Hz. Electricity is provided by several companies. One of the largest is Butwal Power Company.


Embassy Information

Looking for your embassy in Nepal? We found this website really useful, it lists all the embassies in the area...

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

The visa policy of Nepal is one the most lenient, allowing provision of tourist visas on arrival to nationals of most countries which are valid for 15, 30 or 90 days. Indian nationals may enter Nepal visa free. Nationals from the following countries however must obtain a visa in advance through a Nepal embassy or consulate: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

There are different visas available for expats: business, diplomatic, non-residential Nepali (foreign citizen of Nepali decent), non-tourist, official, residential, provisional, study, tourist and transit.

Expats intending to stay beyond 90 days in Nepal must secure a long-term visa. This can either be a business visa, a non-tourist visa, a study visa or a residential visa. Non-tourist visa is the most likely option, as this covers mostly employment with a Nepali company or government body. The Nepal Immigration has outlined the purpose of the non-tourist visa:
  1. The following foreigners and their family members shall be granted the non-tourist visa.
  • Foreigners involved in the social and economic development works approved by Nepal Government, under the expenses to be borne by governmental institutions of the foreign friendly nations;
  • Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work in the institutions run by the foreign missions located in Nepal,
  • Foreign representatives having obtained recommendation from the Ministry of Information and Communications to work in foreign newspapers and news agencies,
  • Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the concerned Ministry to act as helpers of the foreigners having obtained diplomatic or official visas,
  • Foreigners having obtained approval from Nepal Government to work on remuneration basis in any firm, company, association, industry or enterprise within Nepal,
  • Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the Ministry concerned to work in any international airlines organization located in Nepal,
  • Foreign importer visiting Nepal from third country on the recommendation of foreign governmental agency or Federation of Industries and commerce or Chamber of Commerce of Foreign Country,
  • Foreigners who have marital relation with the citizens of Nepal and furnish the marriage registration certificate.
  • i) Foreigner of Nepalese origin or such children of a Nepalese father or mother, who have come Nepal to visit their relatives or Father, Mother, Brother or sister of the foreigner married with Nepalese citizen having recommendation letter of relationship from the concern embassy, who have come to Nepal to visit her/him.
  • Foreigners who come to Nepal to work, on the recommendation of the concerned Ministry pursuant to an agreement or understanding agreed upon at governmental or non governmental level.
  • Foreigners having obtained recommendation of the concerned Ministry to conduct feasibility study of an industry or enterprise for a period not exceeding 6 months. But the foreigner, according to this part, must submit the document of the source of investment, qualification of investor and details of experience along with the visa application form.
  • Group leader of the foreigners making application, accompanied by the recommendation of the Ministry of concerned, for making the tourists’ tour in group in Nepal,
  • oreigners who have obtained recommendation of the concerned Ministry and who have to come to work in Non-governmental organization as per the agreement concluded with Social Welfare Council or concerned Ministry.
  • Such foreigners as may be thought fit by Nepal Government.

2.       The non tourist visa shall be issued for a period not exceeding one year at a time, and its term may be extended as per necessity.

3.        An application has to be submitted in the format as referred to in Appendix 2 to obtain the non tourist visa. Provided, however, that the foreigners referred to in cause (h) of sub rule (1) are required to submit an application in the format as referred to in Appendix 2 (a).

-          From Nepal Immigration site:


Nepal also launched an online visa application site:


The capital Kathmandu should be the first pick of foreigners visiting Nepal. Not only is this area the most populated, it is also culturally diverse, and budget friendly. A single bedroom apartment for rent costs between $57 and $117 per month, depending on the surrounding amenities and closeness to the more urban areas. A popular area in Kathmandu is Lazimpat. This residential area houses different restaurants, schools, colleges, diplomatic missions, and shopping complexes. is a very useful site that features listings of accommodation rentals across Nepal:

Driving License

Expats may use an international driving license to drive legally in Nepal for up to 15 days. Beyond this, a temporary license must be obtained from local authorities, like the Department of Transport Management, upon presentation of a domestic license.

Department of Transport Management, Nepal

Address: Minbhawan, Kathmandu


The US government outlines some precaution about driving in Nepal:

In Nepal, vehicles are driven on the left-hand side of the road.  Travel via road in areas outside the Kathmandu Valley can be dangerous.  In general, roads in Nepal are in poor condition and lack basic safety features, resulting in significant numbers of accidents and fatalities.  Deaths from motorcycle accidents have risen dramatically in recent years, and U.S. citizens should consider avoiding riding motorcycles in Nepal, particularly on highways.  It is dangerous to travel on the roofs of buses as live electrical and other communications wires hang low in many places.  Traffic police also impose fines and detain individuals for riding on the roofs of buses.  Long-distance buses often drive recklessly, and bus accidents involving multiple fatalities are not uncommon.

- From US Passport and International Travel site:


The healthcare facilities in Nepal are limited and no up to Western standards. These services are mostly found in Kahtmandu. Adequate treatment for routine cases are available. Emergency services are insufficient. However, more serious treatments will require medical evacuation outside the country to neighboring countries, like India. Trekking insurance is also highly advised, as this is the most common tourist activity undertaken in Nepal, and one that results to a number of accidents. It is important to secure a medical insurance that covers medical evacuation costs, which are expensive. Medivac personnel usually demand payment before services.

Precautionary vaccination against rabies is important, as stray animals like dogs and monkeys and other rabies-carrying animals are common.

Insurance Companies

HCC Medical Insurance Services – Atlas Travel

HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC (HCCMIS) is a full service organization offering a comprehensive portfolio of international group health, domestic short term and travel medical insurance products designed to address the insurance needs of travelers worldwide. Atlas Travel® from HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS) can keep you protected as you travel the world scaling new mountainous landscapes and expanding your mountaineering skills. Atlas Travel insurance includes coverage for mountaineering injuries that occur while abroad at no additional charge.

Address: 251 North Illinois Street, Suite 600



Dogtag USA

DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance is more than just travel insurance. They issue every insured person a personalised stainless steel Dogtag and it serves 3 purposes:
  • It carries the 24-Hour Emergency Information - this means you'll always have emergency contact numbers on your person while on your travels.
  • It carries your Name and your Unique Dogtag identity Number - this means you can easily identify yourself if you need to call us and it also means you don't need to go looking for paperwork.
  • It carries the Dogtag Emergency Web Address & Phone Number - this enables you or, say, a medic treating you, to go online and by logging in to your own emergency page, find important information with you have displayd there. This could simply be to prove that you're insured, see your next of kin's contact details, your doctor's contact details and check any vital medical information that you have entered on your account. 



Cigna Global Health Options

Cigna Global Health Options specialise in providing expatriate health plans that are designed to give comprehensive overseas medical cover for people who are living and working abroad. They provide medical evacuation insurance cover.





Norvic International Hospital

Chaudhary Group, one of the prominent Corporate Houses of Nepal, established Norvic International Hospital in 1994. Today, the hospital operates 200 beds and remains a full-service community health-care facility, designated as an International Hospital.

Address: P.O.Box:14126, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977-1-4258554

Fax: +977-1-4219686

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]



Om Hospital

In 1990, Om Hospital & Research Centre (P.) Ltd began its relentless journey by the name, Om Nursing Home in providing world class health care service at affordable cost. It was a pioneering attempt by a group of dedicated professionals to make an impact on the health sector of Nepal. Their dedicated and excellent service has enabled them to turn a nursing home into a 150 bed hospital, which provides diagnostic, preventive and curative services.

Address: 13494, Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977-1-4482484

Fax: +977-1-4466128

E-mail : [email protected]



Nepal International Clinic

The Nepal International Clinic Travel and Mountain Medicine Centre was founded in 1989 with the focus to provide modern, quality health care to expatriate community, international travellers and local people. This well-known clinic is internationally recognized for positive contributions in the field of health care, Altitude Sickness, education and research.

Address: GPO Box 3596, Lal Durbar 47, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977 1 4434 642, + 977 (0)1 435 357, + 977 (0)1 435 357

Fax: +977 1 434 713



Ciwec Clinic Travel Medicine Clinic

CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center is one of the most famous destination travel medicine clinics in the world. The clinic was established in 1982 to meet the need for a western standard clinic to treat foreign diplomats and aid workers in Nepal.

Address: British-Indian Embassy Road, Lainchaur, P.O. Box 12895, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977 1 442 4111, + 977 1 443 5332

Fax: +977 1 441 2570