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Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa, and unlike its neighbours it is relatively stable, however despite the political stability the country is still very poor. Malaria is rife in Gambia and expats should ensure that they are protected before moving to the country. The country has a vibrant culture, colourful markets and energetic music.   

Gambia the Gambia river

Expat Clubs

There are no expat meet up clubs as such in Albania and most expats communicate online through websites such as ExpatWoman.com.

International Schools 

Sbec International School

SBEC International School is the first and only, bilingual (English- French) School in The Gambia.  Established in 2001, SBEC is run by an Executive Committee.  The School provides a bilingual integrated programme of study for pupils aged 8 months to16 years (Daycare, Foundation, Junior and High Schools), which promotes cultural interaction and integration.

Curriculum: National Curriculum of England and Whales

Tel: +220 7795093

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.sbecinternational.gm

Marina International School

Marina International School aims to provide a broad-based, high quality education, through the delivery of an international curriculum in an environment of cultural diversity. The school endeavours to inculcate values of tolerance, independence and social responsibility in a wholesome atmosphere characterised by a commitment to excellence.

Curriculum: British National Curriculum

Tel: High School :   00220-449-7178

Junior School : 00220-449-4387

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Marina-International-School-Banjul-The-Gambia/125197034189129?ref=sgm

Website: mis.edu.gm/

Banjul American Embassy School

BAES is an independent school offering an educational program from preschool through grade 9 for English-speaking students of all nationalities. ESL needs are reviewed each year.

A friendly, cooperative, safe environment is provided for children to learn and play. The school year extends from late August to mid-June with approximately 180 days of instruction. Official Gambian holidays are recognized. Long breaks are scheduled in October, December holidays, and for Easter.

Curriculum: American Curriculum

Tel: (220) 449-5920

Fax: (220) 449-7181

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Banjul-American-Embassy-School/344665785630010

Website: www.baes.gm

Local News in English

ASN American Street News

ASN is a news website committed to reporting news and current affairs from our communities

Website: americanstreetnews.com/

Askani Senegambia

Askani Senegambia, believes that with the emergence of social medias, there is a good opportunity to help pave this way. This is why Askani Senegambia would endeavor to serve as a forum for the interests of one Senegambia, one people and one nation.

Website: www.askanisenegambia.com


The Daily Observer is a daily English language newspaper that has a roundup of all the Gambian and international news.

Website: observer.gm

The Point

The Point is an independent newspaper that promotes divergent views, and issues on democracy and human rights. The Paper covers national issues on politics, economics, business and development, as well as world affairs.

Website: thepoint.gm

Country Information 

Location: Africa

Capital City:  Banjul

Other Important Cities:

Currency: Dalasi

Language: English

Calling Code:      +220

Internet TLD: .gm

Electricity: Nawec - National Water and Electricity Company, Gambia

                Address: 53 Mamadi Maniyang  Highway Kanifing, K.M.C. 

                Tel: +220 4376607 / 4376608

                Email: [email protected]

                Website: www.nawec.gm

Emergency Numbers:   

                Police: 17

                Ambulance: 16

                Fire: 18

Country Information


Embassy Information


Embassy Information

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Before travelling to Gambia visit their Embassy or Consulate in your home country to find out the visa requirements. This will help you avoid any miscommunication at the Gambian ports. To apply for a visa, you will need an application form. Depending on the country that you are from, you may need a visa or a clearance certificate or both.

The types of visas available for Gambia are:
  • Gambian Transit Visa
  • Visa on Arrival
  • Student Visa
  • Temporary Work Visa
  • Spousal Visa
  • Marriage Visa
  • Resident Visa
  • Business Visa

Requirements for a business visa:

  • Gambian business visa is for practicing in short term commerce in Gambia.
  • Valid passport (an additional copy) with at least 6 months validity remaining
  • Fully completed Gambian business visa application form
  • ·         Passport type photographs (no older than 6 months)
  • ·         Valid resident visa and one copy
  • ·         Current bank statement and one copy
  • ·         Proof of travel insurance coverage for trips and one copy
  • ·         Business references (letter from your employer, invitation from Gambian company or organization)
  • ·         Proof of Gambian hotel reservation and airline booking reservation for Gambia.


In order to work and live in Gambia you will require a residential or work permit and an “alien’s” ID document for you and each of your family members. The ID and visa need to be renewed annually. There are 3 types of residential permits:

-          Type A is issued for residential and student purposes only and a holder is not permitted to work.

-          Type B is for working residents who are citizens of ECOWAS nations.

-          Type C is a permit issued to small traders and skilled workers. 

All forms can be found here>>


Gambia is divided into 43 districts each with their own charm. Expatriates often choose to live in a safe area close to their work or their kids’ school. Expats can choose whether they want to live in a house, apartment or serviced apartment. Many of the houses come with a garden and swimming pools. The prices can vary.


Driving License

All foreign drivers’ licenses are valid for only 90 days. After that the holder needs to acquire a Gambian Driver's License. It is possible to exchange your driving license for a Gambian one for a small fee.

Residential Permit holders are not allowed to have commercial driver's license except where clearance has been given by the Inspector General of Police. Such clearance is subject to renewal every year.

All first time applicants of motor driver's license need to fill and submit a prescribed provisional license application form and be issued with a learner's license which extends for a minimum of 3 months. Fee for learner’s license is D100. Successful applicants at the end of the 3 months will be issued with a certificate of competence indicating the choice of vehicle grouping such as:
  • Group A Private motor car
  • Group B Motor cycle
  • Group C Commercial vehicle
  • Group D Motor vehicle of special type                  

All forms can be found here>>


The healthcare system in Gambia is built around three levels with four referral hospitals that are operated by the government, 8 main health centres and 16 smaller centres with over 200 mobile clinics. There are also a number of privately run clinics. It is recommended that expats have an international medical plan with an emergency evacuation package.

Malaria is a serious problem in Gambia and expats must make sure that they are adequately protected before arrival. Many malaria treatments should be taken in advance before coming to the country.


Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital

RVTH is in The Gambia’s capital, Banjul. It has recently become a Teaching Hospital, so it has just begun to train its own medical students. It has 540 beds in the hospital, and also provides Primary Healthcare for Central Banjul through its Polyclinic.

Address: Independence Drive, Banjul

Tel: 422-8223 – 6

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.rvth.org

Bijilo Medical Centre

Bijilo Medical Center/Hospital (BMC) is a non-governmental health facility with the goal of providing comprehensive and affordable quality medical services to all in The Gambia. BMC is non-profit orientated. However costs must be recovered to assure sustainability and to facilitate capacity building.

Tel: +220 6665555

Mob: +220 9980371

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.bijilomedical.org

The Westfield Clinic

Address: 54 Kombo Sillah Highway, Westfield Junction, Serrekunda

Tel: 220 439-2213 

Kololi Clinic

This is a privately run clinic located 250m from the Palma Rima Hotel.

Address: Palma Rima Highway, Banjul

Tel: +220 4460951


Fax: 4460951

Email: [email protected]

Lamtoro Medical Centre

Banjul area(Dr. Adama A. Sallah)

Address: Badala Parkway (Senegambia / Bertil Harding Highway )

Kololi (next to the Total petrol station)

Tel: +220  4460934


Fax: +220 4460907

Momodou Musa Memorial Clinic

This medical centre is well equipped to deal with expats and tourists.

Address: Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd, Western Region

Tel: +220 422 4320 (Banjul Clinic)

                 437 1683 (London Corner Clinic)

Fax: +220 437 2911

Email: [email protected]

Fajara Medical Centre                                                             

This is a private medical clinic equipped with basic medical facilities and health equipment.

Tel: +220 7468858

Email: [email protected]