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Chile and its odd shape on the South American continent has drawn many people from the world, with its culturally diverse demographic and geography. If you’re moving there for a job or a longer period of time you will need the information that we’ve put together for you.



Expat Clubs

Expats in Chile

Interactive and informative site about Chile, with blog posts, videos, photos and more.

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Gringos in Chile

Group for English-speakers in Chile to meet and exchange stories, advice, etc.

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International Association of Chile

A non-political, non-profit organization for expats from all countries. We seek to serve the members and their families, while striving to build strong bridges between our association and the Chilean community.

Address: Avda Chesterton 7579 in Las Condes, Region Metropolitana

Tel: + 56 22 894 8795

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International Professional Women's Association

The International Professional Women's Association (IPWA), based in Santiago, Chile, is a not-for-profit organization of English-speaking women interested in professional, personal and cultural development. Many different professional specialties and nationalities are represented among our membership.

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Ladies Lunch Santiago

Held once a month at a different restaurant/cafe each time, this friendly networking lunch provides a set menu that is always affordable and gives local and expat women a chance to meet new people, network, and eat great food.

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International Schools 

Colegio Internacional SEK

This Learning Center belongs to the SEK International Institution, a private educational institution with over 119 years of service to education, present in Europe, USA and Latin America. This College provides comprehensive school education from Play Group to Media Education. It has a modern and comprehensive quality infrastructure and trained personnel to meet the learning and development of their children staff.

Address: Los Militares 6640 – Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 2212 7116, +56 2 2224 3428

Fax: +56 2 2211 4471

Email: [email protected]




Lincoln International Academy

Lincoln International Academy is a private educational institution founded in 1976 by Mr. Robert G. Seaquist and Mrs. Maria Veronica Caroca. In its early stages it was located in the Providencia area, and since 1980 its location is Avenida Las Condes 13150. The school provides a personalized, high-level, bilingual education, to local and international children from Pre-Kinder to Twelfth grade. Its alumni members are successfully working and studying in Chile and abroad.

Curriculum: American

Address (Campus Lo Barnechea): Av. Las Condes 13.150, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 2 496 76 00

Fax: +56 2 2 496 76 23


Address (Campus Chicureo): Campus Chicureo: Seaquist 100, Chicureo, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 2 496 76 50

Fax: +56 2 2 496 76 23


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International School Nido de Aguilas

The International School Nido de Aguilas offers a unique educational experience for children from ages three to eighteen. Unlike any other school in Chile, “Nido” is a unique blend of host country Chilean culture and the multi-cultural diversity represented by Santiago’s international community.

Curriculum: American

Address: Av. El Rodeo 14200, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 2339 8100

Tel (Spanish): +562 2339 8139

Fax: +562 2339 8108

Email (Admissions): [email protected]



TIPS (The International Preparatory School)

A small international school located in a beautiful, peaceful campus in the foothills of the Andes in Santiago, Chile. With a British-based curriculum and a small, family atmosphere, the school provides the individual care and attention that children of all ages and abilities thrive in.

Curriculum: British

Address: Pastor Fernandez 16001, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 2321 5800

Fax: +56 2 2321 5821

Email: [email protected]


Local News in English

Chile Post

This is a multi-lingual news service, radio and video streaming site that delivers local news and aggregates news from the BBC.



Santiago Times

The Santiago Times is an independent news source focused exclusively on Chilean current events. Their mission is to make the country more accessible to the international community by providing balanced, comprehensive news coverage in English. The news team is made up of committed young journalists from Chile and across the globe.



I Love Chile

Chile’s Most Read English Language News Source was originally founded in 2007 as “Santiago Radio”, Chile’s first English language radio station. Since that time the project has highly evolved and expanded to meet the needs and interests of the growing client and fan base and to approach a wide-ranging audience.


Country Information 

Location: South America

Capital City: Santiago

Other Important Cities: Pucón

Currency: Peso (Ch$)

Language: Spanish

Calling Code: 56

Internet TLD: .cl

Electricity: 220V 50Hz 

Emergency Numbers:
  • Ambulance: 131
  • Fire: 132
  • Police: 133

Chile mainly uses thermal and hydro power. The largest electricity distribution company is Endesa Chile.

Tel: +56 2 630 9000


The other electricity companies are: AES Gener, Colbún S.A., Suez Energy Andino, E.E. Guacolda, Pacific Hydro

Embassy Information

Residents Visa and Work Permit information

Nationals from several countries, including the US and Canada, may enter Chile and stay for up to 90 days. Some nationals may also enter visa-free and stay for 90 days, but a reciprocity fee must be paid. Other nationals must apply for a visa in a Chilean embassy or consulate in their home or host country.

Please visit this site to check whether you will need a visa to travel to Chile.


There are three types of visas available: tourist, student, working, resident and diplomatic/official.

Required Documents:
  • Visa Application Form typed in all caps.
  • Valid Passport (at least for the term of the visa).
  • One passport color photograph professionally done (2x2in ).
  • Proof of legal status in the United States.
  • Certificate or letter of employment/profession.
  • Letter explaining the reason(s) of the trip.
  • Flight reservation.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Provide a Letter of Invitation, if applicable. Provide the full name and address of inviting person.

*Other documents may be needed. For further information please visit here.

The Chilean Ministry of External Relations provides additional information here.


Expats in Chile are drawn to different places, depending on their tastes. For the cosmopolitan expat, the capital Santiago is the best place to settle. Santiago is the industrial and commercial heart of Chile which offers expats an urban lifestyle they may be used to in their home countries. The climate is also less extreme in Santiago. For expats looking for a beach town, Valparaiso offers a slower pace compared to the metropolitan capital. Rental and property prices are also cheaper in this coastal city. Valparaiso was also hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which means the city’s historical traces are preserved. Lastly, for expats looking for tourist venues, Viña del Mar’s long sandy beaches is the perfect second home.

There are several accommodation options available. Low-cost hostels charge from $15 a night, Budget hotels charge $20 to $40. Apartment-Hotels are prominent in Santiago. This type of accommodation is a basic hotel room with a living and kitchen area attached. They are more affordable than lodging at a mid-range hotel. In the coastal areas, Cabañas or chalets are also available, and most suitable for families. Hosterias or guesthouses are found in the country sides. The more popular option for tourists are the Residenciales. These are widely available. They are simply just modestly furnished rooms attached to either a corridor or a stand-alone structure.

An even more modest option is Casa de Familia, where a furnished room within a family home is rented out. These can be elusive as most of the time, family members will meet foreigners and offer then lodging.

Driving License

An international driving license is recommended to use to drive legally in Chile. While a domestic license can be used to rent cars, only an international driving license is accepted by Chilean officials.

General requirements for a Chilean driver’s license are the following: 
  • Applicant age 18 or older.
  • Chilean Identification Card.
  • School record to demonstrate that applicant has 8th grade education or higher.
  • Successful completion of the written and practical driving tests, and medical evaluation.

The UK Government has the following advice:

"Landmine accidents mainly affect livestock and local people crossing borders at unauthorised points. Most minefields are near the borders with Peru and Bolivia in the extreme north of Chile (regions XV, I and II) and Argentina in the south (region XII). Although most minefields are clearly marked, some signs and fences are old and damaged, and may be hard to spot. In some cases, minefields are laid right up to the edge of highways. Check with local authorities before travelling to more rural areas, stick to clearly marked roads and observe all warning signs.

"If you plan to go exploring or mountaineering, notify the local authorities before you set off. For further information on mountaineering, contact the Federación de Andinismo de Chile, Almirante Simpson 77, Santiago, Chile, Telephonoe: (56 2) 2220888.  For any other type of exploring, contact the Chilean Embassy in London, to see if permits are required. There are good rescue facilities in Chile.  You may be charged for the service they provide."


Both private and public medical facilities in Chile are well above standard and advanced throughout the entire Latin America. Expats, who live and work in Chile are covered by the National Health Fund, FONASA (Fondo Nacional de Salud); drawn from contributions from income taxes. Private insurances providers called ISAPRE (Instituciones de Salud Previsioual) have care plans referring patients to private facilities. Emergency services are readily available.

If you’re travelling as a tourist, it is highly recommended to secure an adequate travel insurance to cover for any medical costs.


Insurance Companies


Fondo Nacional de Salud FONASA (National Health Fund)

The National Health Fund is the public body responsible for granting care coverage, both people listed 7% of their monthly income to health Fonasa, as those who for lack of own resources, funded by the State through a direct contribution.

Address: Monjitas N° 665, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 600 360 3000

Website (Spanish):


Instituciones de Salud Previsional ISAPRE

These are entities that capture the mandatory pension contribution of health workers who have chosen to join the private system. The Isapre provide financing services health services to 18% of the population in Chile. Health services and financing medical sick leave are provided under quotes. Health benefits are delivered through the financing thereof by hiring medical services funded Isapre.

Address: Alcántara 44 Piso 4 Las Condes, Jas. Chile

Tel: +56 2 249 79 20

Email: [email protected]

Website (Spanish):






Clinica Alemana

Clínica Alemana, with more than 700 medical professionals and a staff of 3.000 people, takes pride in providing high-quality services to over 35, 000 inpatients each year. Clínica Alemana facilities span over 100.000 square meters, including 350 inpatient beds and 18 operating rooms.

Address: Av. Vitacura 5951, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 210 1111, +56 2 210 18 00

Fax: +56 2 210 1214



Centro Medico Nuestra Senora de la Paz

The San Joaquin Medical Center has highly trained professionals committed to the health of their patients in an environment of friendship, trust and confidence. Affiliated Health Insurance: INS, ASISMEDIC, PAN-AMERICAN LIFE, and REDBRIDGE.

Address: San Borja 122, piso 2. (Mall Paseo Estacion), Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 779 6615

Website (Spanish):


Clinica Arauco

Specialty medical center, adult and pediatric, clinical laboratory and diagnostic procedures.

Address: Avda. Presidente Kennedy 5413-B, Parque Arauco, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 299 0000

Fax: +56 2 299 0305

Website (Spanish):


Clinica Avansalud Providencia

Created in 1992, is part of REDSALUD of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, concerned with the welfare of society in the fields of health, education and culture, among others. Entity in November 2010 opened its expansion and renovation project, reinforcing attention with inputs from the latest technology and medical specialists of the highest, comfortable and warm care infrastructure at an affordable price.

Address: Av. Salvador 100, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 366 2000

Fax: +56 2 223 0744


Clinica Indisa

INDISA, Family Clinic is prepared to care for patients at various stages of life from birth onwards, in all medical specialties, incorporating the best available technology professionals and highly skilled healthcare.

Address: Avenida Santa Maria 1810, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 362 5555

Fax: +56 2 362 0275

Website (Spanish):


Clinica Las Condes

Las Condes Clinic opened in 1982 with the highest standards of quality, medical equipment and technology excellence. The project was conceived with the purpose of building and developing a hospital of excellence, cutting edge, innovative and quality service, delivering an upscale humanized care. CLC has incorporated the most modern facilities and technology infrastructure. A notable example is the Consultation Service, which has 241 offices, grouped into specialties, distributed in the various buildings that make up the clinic. Thus, multidisciplinary work is provided to more than 400 doctors and dentists who work in it. Concerned about the importance of children's health, our clinic has Pediatrics CLC, a unique concept in Chile and the height of the great centers of the world.

Address: Lo Fontecilla 441, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 210 4000

Fax: +56 2 217 2998

Website (Spanish):


Clinica Las Lilas

This facility offers a range of services that include: Medical Surgical Service, Oncology, Obstetrics-Gynecology Service, Critical Patient Service Unit, Neonatal Service, and Emergency services for both adult and children.

Address: Av Elidoro Yanez 2087, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 410 6100



Centro Medico Alcantara

Address: Av. Apoquindo 3990, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 207 0427


Centro Medico Irarrazaval

Address: Av. Irarrzaval 3695, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 209 0386


Centro Medico San Jorge

Address: Cruz del Sur 177 (esquina Neveria), Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 754 8300


Centro de Cancer Nuestra Senora de la Esperanza

Address: Diagonal Paraguay 319, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 354 6901


Clinica Cordillera Amunategui

Address: Amunategui 465, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 731 2600


Clinica Cordillera Centro de Diagnostico Nunoa

Address: Eduardo Castillo Velasco 4890-Nunoa, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 601 414

Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile

Address: Santos Dumont 999, Independencia, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 678 81 34

Fax: +56 777 13 73


Vina Del Mar


Clinica Avansalud Vina del Mar

Address: 13 Norte No. 635 entre Av. Libertad y 1 Poniente, Vina del Mar, Chile

Tel: +56 32 451 000


La Serena


Mutual De Seguridad

Address: El Santo 1475, La Serena, Chile

Tel: +56 51 221 991

Fax: +56 51 226 939



Clinica Reñaca

Reñaca Clinic, a company Cruz Blanca Salud group is the most important center of the Region of Valparaíso private health accredited in 2012 by the Health Authority. Its mission is to provide the best solution to the health needs of people through a comprehensive service of varying complexity, with respect, commitment and honesty, providing quality care, with modern technology and highly qualified staff.

Address: Jardin Del Mar, Anabaena 336, Renaca, Chile

Tel: +56 32 658 435

Website (Spanish):




Clinica Alemana Temuco

Temuco, founded in 1881, as a young city had no facilities for citizens to receive adequate health care. At the time, more complex treatments were births and healing pests. Due to this social context, is that a group of German settlers showed concern for the health situation in the area and created a visionary German Sanatorium Society Temuco, in 1915. In December 1995, the company was refounded under the name of German Clinic Temuco, entity formed by the German Clinic Corporation of Temuco and German Charitable Society Hospital of Santiago. The latter is currently the Chilean-German Charitable Corporation.

Address: Senador Estebanez 645, Temuco, Chile

Tel: +56 45 201 201

Website (Spanish):



Clinica Las Nieves

Address: Avenida Santa Maria, Vitacura, 5950, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 366 7800

Fax: +56 2 366 7888



Clinica Bio Bio

Banmédica Companies belonging to SA, Biobío Clinic provides its patients a comprehensive solution in health, body supported by a medical staff of 200 specialists and subspecialists, and 230 staff who work daily to give you better service. Its facilities consist of a 7-storey building distributed in 7000 600 m2.

Address: Avenida Jorge Alessandri 3515, Talcahuano, VIII Región, Chile

Tel: +56 41 734 200

Fax: +56 41 734 201

Website (Spanish):


La Florida Santiago

Clinica Avansalud Vespucio

Vespucci Clinic offers the following services: Medical Center with 330 specialists; 24 hours Emergency Unit whose permanent professional crew consists of medical Trauma, Adult Medicine and Pediatrics, with access to specialists called; Service Medical Surgical Hospital with 100 beds in single and double rooms, skilled nursing care and four surgical wards; Clinical Laboratory 24 hours with all available services towards the development of the examinations necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of patients; 24 hours Imaging with latest equipment and highly trained personnel; and dentistry with six consultations and Kinesiology with a gym equipped to solve all the attention the area.

Address: Serafin Zamora 190 Costado Mall Pza., Vespucio, La Florida-Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 390 8800

Fax: +56 2 390 8980

Website (Spanish):